(1.85.5) Ultimate Apocalypse: The Hunt Begins Install

Outdated, see new tutorial here.

Here are the fairly complicated instructions for installing the latest Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse mod, every step is mandatory for a stable game. We recommend that you freshly install the game or verify game cache before starting, it will avoid some headaches.


  • Game directory: Where the game is installed. Steam > Game > Right Click > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

Download Stage:

Installation Stage:

  1. Move all of the downloads into a new folder

  2. Extract Daemons_Mod_Complete_-_1.6.7z, NTCore_2.0.rar, objective_points_SS_2015_10_25.rar and UA_1.85.5_HOTFIX.1.zip to the new folder.

  3. Copy the files inside Daemons_Mod_Complete_-_1.6 folder to the game directory.

  4. Run Inquisition Daemonhunt mod installer.exe to the game directory.

  5. Run Tyranid_Mod_0.5b2_Installer.exe to the game directory.

  6. Run Ultimate_Apocalypse_-_The_Hunt_Begins.exe to the game directory.

  7. Run Ultimate_Apocalypse_-_THB_Patch_1.85.5.exe to the game directory.

  8. Copy the files inside UA_1.85.5_HOTFIX.1 to the game directory. Choose to replace.

  9. Copy the files inside objective_points_SS_2015_10_25 to the game directory. Choose to replace.

  10. Copy the files inside NTCore_2.0 to the game directory. Choose to replace.

  11. Start the game and under Game Manager activate UA: THB - New Factions.

Outdated, see new tutorial here.

Oh and for those who don’t want to start from scratch here are the upgrade instructions (which I do not recommend but they should work for those who it would take 2 years to redownload everything @c4192857).

These instructions may vary for later updates past 1.85.5.

Upgrade Instructions:

Download stage:

Update stage:

  1. Run Ultimate_Apocalypse_-THBPatch_1.85.5.exe to the game directory.
  2. Extract UA_1.85.5_HOTFIX.1.zip to the game directory. Choose to replace.
  3. The update should now be done.