5th Anniversary of The Sentinel Alliance

Attention all, the 28th of November (this Saturday) will be the 5th anniversary of The Sentinel Alliance.

It will have been exactly 5 years since The Sentinel Alliance was founded on that day in 2010, different times indeed. The picture above is from around that time, it is a picture of one of the first TSA towers, a construction effort that took 8+ of us to build and defend with one of our famous quotes written in white next to it.

No particularly special events are planned for the day but it would be nice to get everyone together again to reminisce about old times. I will be in one of the public chat rooms where we will be playing a few games on the day, including hopefully some modded Minecraft, Terraria, Left 4 Dead, Garry’s Mod and other things. All are welcome, including those who haven’t been in The Sentinel Alliance for as long as some of us.

To the founders (@J_Wakatak, @JonnyCoad, @c4192857, @thescopesniper, @John, @surbenalot44, @Petroc, @smidget98, @Olimander217, @DERPdelSCORCHO, @Kieran_thebrit, @XMB, @Dmacd98, @nobleTP, @prudamish, @scottishcaleb + others), all of you have been here for at least 4+ years through everything and without your participation The Sentinel Alliance wouldn’t exist at all.

To BCSL (@hsz, @Hexy, @Doctor_Love, @Jamoo, @Lone_BCSL + many others), starting the Teamspeak server with the pre-existing BCSL community was one of the first major movements into the public that we made. It has been great to have all of you in the community.

To the staff, thanks for volunteering your time and helping to keep this community a nice place to be. I think everyone on the Teamspeak appreciates the quick and appropriate staff response to any trolling incidents.

To everyone, thanks for being a part of the community and we hope to continue for many more years.


I’m proud to be a part of this amazing time, and will look back on those times as my fondest childhood memories, not even joking, it’s been great!

I hope there will be a time when we don’t have as many responsibilities and home works etc, when we can go back to old times. And I hope for many great times in the future.

In addition I have a suggestion, that it be an anniversary weekend, therefore including Sunday, to allow more time to revel in nostalgia, and give everyone a chance to come on periodically.

Man am I overly excited for this.

Love Jonny

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Abosolutly, good idea. The anniversary weekend it will be. :smile:

I hope we have some form of Minecraft server that will allow us to make another TSA Tower, the biggest and best yet!

I’m probably going to get the Project Pear modded Minecraft server updated and online for the anniversary, that should give us some nostagia from when we last played that and allow us to actualy do something since we already have all of the basic system setup on Project Pear.

Maybe we can use some of the awesome new Buildcraft and Applied Energistic auto-building systems to help us construct the new TSA tower with devistating effeciency. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might also put up a new vanilla Minecraft server with one of the 1.9 snapshots, anything and everything that people want really.

GG to 5 Years woop!!
Thank you very much Sentinel for all you have created and let us play with!
Has been a very entertaining and enjoyable 5 years, hopefully for everyone.
Jonny that’s a genius idea and also “Will there be cake?” - Read with an Eddie Izzard impersonation. :joy:

or is it a lie…mmmm cake.

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Thanks to everyone who attended, for when we look back in a few year here are a few pictures from the modded Minecraft server that we played on for the day, and are still playing on, Project Pear. Anyone is welcome to join us BTW.

The dungen that we are living in while we build TSA tower + other things.

A red wood tree, a tree of great nostalgia for us as this was what we build our house around back on Titan’s modded PvP server several years ago.

@c4192857 and his proud donkey mount. The most nobel of creatures on the server only matched in wonder by the great Shadowfax, my own mount and the late Agamemnon. :crying_cat_face:

@JonnyCoad next to his 64x64 quarry as it’s building the frame before starting.

The rocket pad inside an AE meteor before the successful launch, sending our brave astronaught @DERPdelSCORCHO to the moon.

@prudamish’s table of witchery with a freshly gathered demon heart, still beating with arcane power.