6th Anniversary of The Sentinel Alliance (26/11/16 to 27/11/16)

As many of you know our 6th anniversary is coming up the 28th, as this is a Monday we’ve decided to allocate the weekend closest to this date for celebrations. This will be a more casual celebration with no specific events planned just a variety of games, chatting and nostalgia.

Teamspeak: voice.thesentinelalliance.net

Everyone is welcome including those who are new to The Sentinel Alliance just join us on the Teamspeak at the weekend.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, post them here. There has also been some discussion going on in this thread:

The first anniversary server of many is now online.

By the will of the people it is ‘A shitty vanillia Minecraft server’.

Minecraft 1.11 Server IP: community.thesentinelalliance.net

No whitelist, no plugins, join at will and experience the nostalgia. Also come on the teamspeak!

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When will the pear be ripe?

When the pink elephant howels at the moon.

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Or the birch wood is finally collected.

So literally never, as Birchwood is shit


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A challenge eh? Okay then, name the field of battle! May the best man win