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Hi Everyone,

As we all get more spread out, and with the fact we are all lazy in the first place, I feel we need some kind of system to be able to rally people online when someone wants to play something.

For instance, C4 has recently asked to have a large Civ game, yet it is difficult to plan as we all have different availability times etc. and we have no real tool apart from our Members Facebook chat. Now I love a bit of friendly old ‘memes’ as much as the rest, but I think to keep the community a bit more lively we need to all club together and force each other to play the games we love.

Therefore I propose a few things:

1) If no-one is in teamspeak, don’t close it down. Sit in TSA Great General, or AFK, and poke others if they are on. How many times do you pop on, see that no one is on, and log off again? If we all stop that, we will all see each other more.

2) We use this wonderful site more, to coordinate efforts. I.e. want to play civ? Post a thread in here with some dates and times and a description and aggressively link it to everyone so that at least a couple turn up on the allotted date. It also might bring some new people in that we can play with.

3) We find some kind of cooperative calendar that we can all edit (like google docs, but with more time), where everyone can note their availability/post game ideas etc.

Overall, I know we spend less time on average on our computers now because people are gaining responsibilities, but I think we can all be more constructive with the time we have, and make the most of it. Got a Wednesday afternoon off because your lecturer wants more $$$ so they can kayak in the South of France at 80? Let others know, so you can spend that time ‘usefully’ and play with the people you know and ‘love’.

I am now going to aggressively ship this post so people respond with ideas/opinions. If you don’t, then you are valiantly carrying out classic TSA tradition, and I salute you. But if you want to bring back the days of running home from school to open Hamachi, because you know everyone else will be on, and you’re guaranteed a good time with games and salt, then REPLY.

Please help me to indulge in nostalgia.


TL;DR: We should set up a system to let each other who wants to play games/who will be on when, so we’re not just hanging around cause no one is sat on teamspeak. Reply to this post with opinions/ideas.


Too bloody right, man’s been getting bored as shit! (Yes hello everyone, I’m still alive). I’ll make more of an effort to hop on xoxo <3


This sounds pretty good to me bby, I will be on more too


Couldn’t agree more, always stick around in Teamspeak AFK if you’re about!

A good few of us have been on consitently almost every weekend recently, generally hanging around in AFK then all jumping into TSA Great General. We’ve had a lot of good times so far through Arma 3, Soulstorm, Endless Space 2, The Forest, Project Zomboid, Sniper Elite V2, Dungeon of the Endless, SCP: Secret Laboratory and Minecraft all in the last few months.

We’ve been moving into a lot of games that are both cheap and can support as many of us as there are wanting to play so there rarely needs to be someone left out.

To this end I’ve setup a new events system for the website:

Want to organise an event? Just make a post in the events category and add a date/time.

  • It will automatically be added to the website calender and agenda.
  • It’s just a post exactly like the one you’re reading right now, it’s not complicated.
  • If you change the events website category notifcations to ‘Watching first post’ you’ll get an email notification when someone posts an event.
  • Our bot will automatically post a message in our new Riot.IM events channel, so if you don’t like reading email notifications: Install Riot.IM on your phone and join the ‘The Sentinel Alliance - Event Alerts’ room.
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