A few nice additions

I’ve added a few more useful things to the forum from a variety of plugins to some custom stuff:

Who visited this thread:

You can now scroll down to the bottom of the page to see who has visited the thread as well as who is currently looking at it. Although this will probably be more useful for the staff areas than anything else it has been added in every thread.

Checking for new replies:

If a thread you are reading has new replies it will automatically load them every few minutes (or when you press the big orange “Click to check for new replies button”)

Points System:

This is the biggest change of this post. I have added a points system to the forum that will award members with points for various activities around the forum like posting, viewing, voting, reffering members and other stuff (More stats here: https://thesentinelalliance.net/newpoints.php). Later down the line we may have events that you can only enter by trading in a certain number of forum points or competitions to get the most point, the possibilities are endless really.

That’s all for today but other stuff is coming, just you wait.