Announcing The Sentinel Alliance: Cloud


We’re hosting our own private cloud, like Google Drive or Dropbox (not an actual cloud). Staff and those we deem worthy will be able to use it for stuff. It’s amazing.

What is it?

Our new staff only online command centre, secure file storage, scheduling system, archiving and much more. Powered by the open source project Nextcloud. It is the next step up towards increasing security across our community and giving all staff access to better tools.

Main Features

Calendar for Events

One big thing we’re missing from the forum is a calendar, well now we have it: a fully featured calendar with a web interface and WebDav/CalDav protocol support (aka ability to be imported into your own calendar).

Community Calendar:

Check out the link above to see our public community calendar on the web. This is the read-only link but once the accounts are distributed staff will be able to edit it online.

Password Manager for Staff

I’ve been talking about this for a while, getting everyone to start using a password manager. Starting to use a password manager is one of the biggest single steps you can take towards being more secure and improving your secure in turn reduces the risk of passwords to our private data leaking.

TSA Cloud will give staff storage space for use with the free and open source password manager KeePass2. Tutorials explaining the initial setup, everyday use and other aspect of this will be coming soon.

Upload for Recording

Once we start up doing some recording/streaming again sharing files between editors will be essential, this system will provide up to 3TB of storage for this purpose.


I could talk about this for a while but to save you that I will keep it short.

The Sentinel Alliance: Cloud is the pinnacle of our efforts in securty thus far, utilising heavy encryption on both data at rest and data in transit, intrusion detection systems plus extensive physical security within the data centre.

It goes a step towards separating public data (the forums) from privileged data (staff and core team resources).

Who gets access?

Everyone will get some limited access to TSA Cloud through publicly shared documents/files, however full access with an account is restricted to mostly staff. Though since the primary goal of this system is to ensure security, exceptions will be made and accounts created for anyone handling privileged community data/access.


It’s ready right now but accounts will be distributed slowly to gradually increase the load on our servers while testing it. Most of the accounts will be given out at or before the next community meeting.


On our new dedicated server somewhere in the depths of Germany… or France… who knows anymore? (I do). You can see the ominous login page live right here.

This forum post is closed to replies because it will be the hub for tutorials on this system. However feedback is welcomed by either replying in a new thread or telling me in person.

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