(BETA) Feedback and ideas for Zoreg minecraft server

Oh another nether issue.
Flying fuckers that aparently sit there and repeatly shoot things at you. even if your behind walls.

I remember there was a mod that decreases the I-frames of a mob. That would be nice if the mobs are going to be really tough.

Interesting thought, I’d never considered doing something like that before. I can’t find any 1.7.10 mod that does it but nevertheless interesting. I wonder how much changing the i-frames would effect the dynamic between spammed hit vs well timed hits and the blocking mechanic, theres a quite interesting article on that here actually: Spam Clicking Vs Perfectly Timed Hits - Recent Updates and Snapshots - Minecraft: Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

Anyway cinnamon!

I’m not sure if changing the i-frames is the right way to go about things, it might work if we intended to make the mobs hard by making them tanky but I think the intention is to makes the mobs challenging without making them bullet sponges. We shall see I guess how that turns out when I fiddle a little with the mob modifiers.

I not sure if this was one of the mods already in or not. But Tinkers Construct (With the Extra Ores, like the poison ones and stuff in the nether) would be a nice mod.

Tinker’s Contruct is in the modpack, it’s one of the central mods. We want to make weapon smithing an important part of the modpack. We even included the additional Tinker’s Steelworks mod for a new tier of TC weapons.

We also have the nether ores mod that you speak of.

I should probably link this, constructed with care, and hours of work…

Full Mod List: https://www.goo.gl/OTv0CD

Well I guess that ticks off the flying Lycanite’s mobs in the nether then. I’ll remove them in the next update.

Just going to put this todo list here.


  • Remove Cacodemon
  • Add plugins
  • Fix permissions
  • Decrease hunger
  • Remove bees in the nether
  • Remove Demonic Soulstone + Other Lycanites Mobs items XX (need to check)
  • Remove Silverfish in nether
  • Add Blood Magic
  • Add Better Builder’s Wands
  • Remove MrCrayfish’s mod
  • Disable CustomNPC tabs
  • Look into adding a minimap
  • Add The Grimoire of Gaia
  • Add Forbidden Magic
  • Remove antique atlas


  • Pam’s Harvestcraft feast food disappearing when shift clicked into inventory from generated chest.

what? I’m scared. What kinda life ruining thing is that.

Correction: demonic *soulstone

I’ve got Soulstorm on the mind.

Still quite terrifying… It can potentially spawn armies of demons for nothing.

if possible just decrease the spawn rate to max 1 at the time like the geist or what ever it was called again that already in the Nether shooting explosive fireballs of doom. so one Cacodemon should be ok if possible but if not just remove it.

don’t do that. Just decrease hunger it will balance out then less hunger = less food needed anyway i really like the Food stuff as long as we can eat some and actually get full from eating 8 bread and stay full for a some time should be more then ok.

this is also not really needed since we already have a map that i think is more then enough.

why are we removing them they are so easy to kill and are quite rare.

as long as its a bit hard to get and not to Op so it breaks the game and makes them more or less invincible

this sounds sick. interested in seeing this live ingame o.O

Can we get Grimoire of Gaia? It’s mostly hard to kill mobs so.

looks amazing the models are really well made

We both know why I want this mod and Morph.

Great, well, im going to leave a bug report here, I cant move things within my inventory, it just drops them. :confused:

Update: Its now fixed, god this game is weird sometimes

Does look pretty cool, I’ll add it in the next update.

Don’t think that is possible, the ones in the unloaded chunks will just stay ending in more than one as soon as people start to walk around. I’ll just remove them, perhaps making ghasts more difficult is something that could be done.

Ok sure, I’ll play around with the hunger levels more later then.

Just the nether ones, apparently they’re quite bad. Though it’s up to you it would be a good thing to test them.

Acording to @MissAsuka it is. From what I’ve seen of it there isn’t much that’s too easy to get either.

The Minimap Debate

While the Antique Atlas is a nice idea and one that fairly suits the theme after some discussion and use of it I feel it adds more to annoyance than difficulty or theme. There have been a number of servers in the past that have banned proper minimaps in favour of something different like our one but in the end half of the people just end up installing a minimap mods themselves therefore gaining an unfair advantage, that’s something we can’t stop so I feel we should just embrace a minimap that we can at least control a little.

There is also a great alternative that we’ve never used before but due to recent licensing changes is a mod that I should be able to include in the modpack. It’s called JourneyMap. It’s by far one of the best minimap mods I’ve seen for a while and includes proper support for Forge. You can even use it to have your own DynMap in your browser while you play or on your phone that links directly to your view, perfect for people with two monitors. Plus it supports adding waypoints from chat messages, also great for teams of people to co-ordinate actions.


We should stay in the EU.

Other than that, Im a big lover of rei’s though people who want it can always just add it for personal usage

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sounds like a nice idea[quote=“SentinelX101, post:35, topic:294”]
Just the nether ones, apparently they’re quite bad

ah ok then i’m all in on the idea they are so fucked up

Well when it comes to minimaps I guess its up to what works best for the server.
personally having a birds eye view is a bit much in my mind but if it got loads of helpful stuff and everyone wants it i’m gonna bend the knee and say go for it :+1:

and i do like that one as well since it got some good waypoint options

I agree completely. We must stay in the EU.

Sorry if my pro-stay views shine through a little but every single point I’ve made below is backed up by the figures, look at the links and see for yourself, none of it is wrong.

Reasons to Stay:

  • More than 50% of our trade is to the EU. We will lose every last bit of that if we leave, really. If we want to ever get that trade back again we end up paying the EU anyway to renegotiate the trade agreements and that payment could be almost as much as our membership fee anyway just minus every single benefit.

  • The EU helps are the only people helping failing low income areas like Cornwall. More than £1bn has gone to Cornwall in the last 15 years from the EU, all specifically for improving this part of the country.

  • The EU supports science massively, no really massively, science needs to work without borders and the EU helps it do that. If you don’t believe me believe Stephen Hawking, in his own words Brexit would be a ‘disaster’ for science.

  • £60bn is about to be invested into universities by the EU. It won’t be if we leave. Yea £60bn, sounds a lot, it is a lot. The EU has always been one of the biggest sources of funding for universities and students. Every student will suffer a lot more if we leave, so will our education system.

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  • Leave the EU and we could become like Norway. Still forced to obey the EU regulations to be able to trade with any EU country (that’s half our trade as I said) just with no representation or say on what laws the EU enacts. How liberating.

Reasons to Leave (yea right):

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I’ve yet to find any reason to vote Brexit, if you find one please inform me.

Ok that’s my thread hijacking over back to Zoreg…

Me too in the past, Rei’s Minimap is nice but I think JourneyMap completely trumps it, that has everything that Rei’s has and more. Also officially Rei’s Minimap is no longer maintained, it has been abandoned as of the Minecraft 1.6.2 version and is being updated without the original author’s permission.

So about the Nether Silverfish. They come out of random Netherrack and set you on fire. And it’s never just one, its more than a dozen at a time.

They will be removed from the game

I just wanted to mention what they did and why everyone hates them with the burning hatred of 1000 suns.