(BETA) Feedback and ideas for Zoreg minecraft server

Post anything you want regarding the new Zoreg beta server. all the feed back we get can help making the server better and more enjoyeble for all our users.

Grimoire of Gaia (for the Minotaurs)
Too many Items

(Don’t add that stupid buggy airship mod and Thaumcraft.)

Recommended mods:

-Archimede’s Ship Mod
-Twilight Forest
-Blood Magic
-Extra Utilities

Thanks for the feedback/ideas.

These suggestions are already in:

Initial thoughts on others ideas:

It’s a cool mod but I’m worried it would make PvP difficult, we would likely have to ban all flying morphs for balance and others could be confusing. Might be able to do something like this in a sort of power up style with a delay in between morphs.

Defiantly something we’re considering, I’d just like to see how well the other magic mods fit the theme before we put something like this in.

We’re considering sticking to only the vanilla dimensions at least until the server is larger, otherwise PvP may be a little difficult.

Doesn’t really fit with the theme due to a lot of the high tech machines, there’s also some overlap with other mods. We might consider adding it later and just removing the unsuitable stuff.

Tis also a little bit big, but we will consider it being added when blood magic is if all of the magic mods work well but we do already have Thaumcraft (plus lots of additions) and Ars Magica for magic.

If this is going to be a rollplaying style server how about a mod that allows players to set their gender, like this one as an example
( http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/gender-mod )

Well that’s certainly an interesting mod but I’m worried it might interfere with the Mine & Blade: Battlegear stuff or other things that edit the player model for a quite minor feature so maybe not, I’ll check soon.

Could be interesting for some though I guess…

I’ve never really thought if we’re going to be making this a roleplaying server or not, it will certainly have a deep backstory but maybe not full on required roleplay.

Side note: this thread will likely have a lot of post so anyone not interested in this server but still getting email notifications for it remember you can toggle off email alerts on a per thread basis. Change watching to muted (or normal) if you don’t want to be alerted.

^ Here

Morph + Grimoire of Gaia = Inside Jokes (Mostly Minotaurs)

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First off, food decays way too fast, even whilst walking its gone from full to zero in 5 minutes (I don’t think we want to stop half-way in PvP to eat our hamburgers)

Secondly, Builders wands would be quite handy, and they would go hand in hand with the theme

Better Storage might be a nice add-on if we have the room for it

Metallurgy might be a nice addition if we once again have the room

And I believe gravestones would be VERY nice, as im all up for keeping the difficulty, but maybe making sure your items are safe would be a nice touch.

And my final suggestion, Adventure Backpack, for storage and obvious reasons.

Thanks :3

And make Hexos and “POSSIBLY” me or someone else admin :stuck_out_tongue:

Well an army marches on its stomach :wink:

I think the idea is for food to be a challenge hence the inclusion of things like Pam’s Harvest Craft but it may be a little too insane right now, we will have to play around with the exact values a little.

True, and I think I just found a mod dedicated to them that looks good. We will definatly add it.

Storage mod… room for it… I get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, last time I used it Better Storage was a little unstable and there are currently better alternatives like Jabba + the other standard chests included with the design mods.

Hmm… maybe again, lots of extra world gen for honestly not much more than you can do with Tinker’s Contruct in terms of weapons + smelting.

The problem we had last time with that was hard to remove gravestones being spammed in high PvP or monster zones and the fact that the gravestones had to bypass faction protection. Though the benefits may outway the problems on that one.

They were also kinda buggy last time I looked at them plus OP, having constant free milk from that cow backpack sort of destroyed the point of farming and the other backpacks too.

One of the magic mods must have a bag of holding, that’s the quintessential rpg storage item. That should make the Adventure Backpacks obsolete.

I’m going to leave most of the decisions on staff down plus most other things regarding this modpack to @Hexy who will of course himself be an admin. He is offically the ‘Team Lead’ of the Zoreg server/modpack after all.

You helped lots on the previous Zoreg server and have an outstanding Teamspeak mod record so I expect you’ll be a candidate.

Ight. I know this is Beta n stuff but heres just me throwing everything

Overworld =

Food = Doesnt last long it runs out to fast.

Mobs = A bit to strong. (Taint swarms, wurks(I think)

Backpacks = Cant craft but it would be nice due to all the materials you get.

Grave stones = Please if you die from super far away the fear of not having food and no gear to try to get your stuff back is awful.

Nether =

Bees = PLEASE GOD NO seriously. There are usually WAY to many hives and the swarm you from like 100 blocks away.

Nether silverfish = Seriously no, First off like normal silverfish break one they all come but these ones catch you on fire repeatly and its annoying as hell.

Misc =

Teleport/sethome = Please… Its impossible unless some of the other stuff above is fixed.

Proper Spawn = We need this at least be able to supply SOME type of food to the players as well as shelter

Input on Other Mods =

Witchery = NO to much bad stuf can happen playerwise and worldwise

Extra Utilities = Yes we can always just id block the hightec stuff. theres still plenty of nice non tech stuff in it.

Morph = Not really needed in my opinion its more of a fun type of mod.

Blood magic = Yes its not only a fun mod but it has A LOT of work into it to get any type of good gear.


Thats about it. .-. If you need any more info on the witchery thing just poke me in teamspeak or something.

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thats the point mobs are supose to be strong ( only the strong survives )

i was told about a mod with tellepads

That looks and I was also told we can decide the recipes to make them a bit hard to make as well but once you have them you can place one down and as long as you have the papers on them since I want it to be hard but rewarding for players who play the game.

Hexy you saw how fast the taint swarms killed me. As well as the Wurks literally stun you for 2-3 seconds and you cant move.

you also didn’t have any armor at all :wink:

Even with armor they still fuck you over :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfft it hits but i kill it faster. they are really weak

Excellent use of dividers and titles @MissAsuka. Here have a like for properly utlising forum functions.

The plan for a /sethome alternative is to use the factions /f home, I think we’d like to encourage people to group together to survive instead of splitting off solo (though solo factions are in theory a thing).

As for just teleporting to people in general I’m not sure… traversing the land of Zoreg is meant to be dangerous, I’m more in favour of limiting to faction home teleports only but we need more feedback. Though for the beta at least it might be a good idea like you say, I agree.

Still a little worried that would make teleporting a little too easy… I’m pretty sure one of the magic mods has a difficult to create teleporter plus we already have faction homes for major teleports.

Making people establish roads of trade/travel and getting a few horse/transport related mods might be more rewarding.

I think some of the high level Tinker’s armour is pretty strong, they shouldn’t with that and at lower levels perhaps they are just something to avoid or take on as a team.

I would however like to work on the consitancy of mobs a little. Some things seem a little too easy while some are very very hard. I’m considering a few things to make vanilla mobs a little more interesting.

sure i’m gonna leave this in your hands i don’t know i just don’t want it to be to easy teleporters should be really valueble stuff in my mind its pretty strong magic.

I also think people should atm start off with iron or something for the time being in Beta due to the mobs. Instead of being naked and instantly being chased by mobs and not being able to do anything. But thats just me.

Leather chest and pants :ok_hand: