Centimental Civ - A gaming goodbye

Hi y’all! as you may know one of our members is moving oversea and another has been tied down, so as a fond farewell and for old times sake, we were thinking of having a Sid Meier’s Civilization game to commemorate.

Questions are:

  1. When would we be playing?
  2. What would we be playing?
  3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  4. How many will play on the day?
  5. Ruleset?

1. When would we be playing?
The date floated is Saturday/Sunday 28th/29th January.
I would personally vote we try to get started on Friday evening (say ~8pm), that leaves Saturday evening for continuing (impossible), or a restart, or other games if people get bored.

2. What would we be playing?
IMO This is a very key question: Civ V or Civ VI (or Beyond earth ahaha or Humankind ahahahaah)

Civ V

  • Ultimate Nostalgia: Getting home from school, going on to play Civ V, Venice and Elephants, being recorded without knowing, ah good times (that I was totally apart of yep)
  • Most people have it
  • Simpler, easier to learn and people are probably familiar (although probably more hidden stuff to master).
  • Raging barbs and complete kills :slight_smile:


  • NETCODE SCAVANGED FROM A DIRTY BIFFA BIN BEHIND POOLE TESCOS: prepare your butts for desyncs galore and you better hope someone has a server.
  • Less viable alternative playstyles: Science is king, Culture is 2nd and IMO weak, Domination (military) and Diplo victories aren’t really viable in MP. Civs are in no way balanced. Only 2 early game policy paths (Traditionalism and Liberty, 4 tall cities vs 7 wide cities) and Rationalism is a must pick, the others are just flavour.
  • Slower game speed

The Lekmod fixes alot of the balance issue, but would require everyone to get it (and it removes Venice).

Civ VI

  • Stable(r) Netcode: Firaxis remembered some Civ players have friends.
  • More viable playstyles: Religious victory is possible and quickest, Culture victory flips cities so actually does something IMO 2nd strongest, Science is still strong but actually takes a while, Diplo is both easier to gain points and lose them, Dom is even less viable.
  • Different government types and policy changes on the fly, are viable.
  • Wonder system is more selective and prevents 1 player spamming them all.
  • Combat built around, fewer more powerful units, rather than mass hordes
  • Map labels on Mountain ranges, rivers and deserts :slight_smile:
  • Runs better on potatoes


  • Less people have it
  • More complex: District system can take planning to optimise, policies changing every 5 secs can be alot of options, Governors add more depth, Amenities and Loyalty can be weird to manage and War weariness isn’t very clear.
  • Civs locked behind dlc

3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
50 – 65 km/h.

4. How many will play on the day?
It would be great if people could express their keeness to play and their preference for how in the comments below :smile: . Don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe, hit the bell, buy my merchandise and NFTs.

5. Ruleset
What ruleset/map we will play on.
I advocate:
No score victory. And probably no domination victory cos I imagine that’s just a game ruining experience for the losers

Civ V: NQ balance map (for MP balance), Pangea, Classical era (to allow access to all ancient era wonders and units, but just gives the game a boost to shave off about an hour on victory time), strategic balance resources, raging barbarians ( :slight_smile: ), complete kills (allows people to stay in the game even if all their cities get taken, can control units)

Civ VI: Vanilla, Strategic balanced resources, Classical era (same reasons), Terra map (All players start on 1 big continent, but there is a ‘New world’ with only city states that allows mid game colonisation/expansion), Disaster intensity level 3 ( :slight_smile: )

In Conclusion
My personal preference would be on Friday 27th ~8pm playing Civ VI on online speed, Terra map, classical era, with a whole bunch of you.
If we decide something different I’ll still show up anyway and hopefully we’ll have a good and non-salty time :slight_smile: