Civ 5 NQ BALANCE mod

Fed up with Jonny winning as Venice!!! Well boys and girls download the NQ balance mod!!!
Adds many changes to Civ 5 and is designed to work with multiplayer. Read the notes:
Here’s the subreddit:
And the mod:

Would really like to try this out as I think it goes a long way to make the game less broken :grinning:
LY Ben

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Keen, but does it mean everyone has to get all the minor DLC to make it compatible?

P.S. They could’ve at least tried to nerf Venice :wink:

I don’t think they have to have all the map packs and extra civs, the mod will only applies to the civs in the MP game at that instance. Should be good. Especially with the tournament coming up, making other openers such as Peity and Honor more feasible.

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