[Closed] FTB Ultimate Reloaded Custom Server

Time for a new modded Minecraft server, this time we’re playing with a custom version of the FTB Ultimate Reloaded pack. This modpack should be lightweight enough for everyone to play (unlike some of our previous packs) but still filled with a lot of the mods we enjoy.

Server Aim
For every player to have their own separate house and to build a train system with Railcraft that will link all bases.

Server Map (have a look, and don’t forget you can change map mode on the right menu)

Major Mods

Click to show
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • BuildCraft
  • Forestry
  • Immersive Engineering
  • IndustrialCraft 2
  • Industrial Foregoing
  • Magic Bees
  • Modular Force Field Systems
  • Modular Power Suits
  • Project Red
  • Railcraft
  • StevesCarts Reborn
  • Soul Shards Respawn
  • Thaumcraft 6.1
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Twilight Forest
  • Tech Reborn
  • And more!


  • This is a cooperative server - No greifing at all. Every block place and break is logged so it will be obvious who the culprit is when detective @sentinelx101 is called.
  • Every player should have their own house/base - Cooperation is encouraged, this rule is intended to stop large shared areas like we have had every time before.
  • No teleportation - There are no teleport commands on the server, only the end game industrial craft teleporter. A rail system is not only a server aim but also necessary for fast travel (even though the map border is smaller as not to make this too painful)
  • Every base must be more than 100 blocks away from each other - for perspective the light blue circle on the map (AKA my base) has a radius of 100 blocks (every base will have a similar circle drawn around it with the location you choose being the centre).

Install Instructions:

  1. Apply to be whitelisted (see example whitelist request below)
  2. Download and install the Technic Launcher: https://www.technicpack.net/download
  3. In the launcher modpacks tab paste the following into the search bar to find the pack: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/project-path-reloaded
  4. Add server with the address: ultimate.thesentinelalliance.net:25565

VR Support Install:
This server supports VR headsets, unfortunately the install for this has got a little more complicated since FTB moved back to their own launcher. See below:

Click to see VR install instructions

See VR players support:
Follow these instructions if you want to see VR players while not playing in VR (as in they will be animated properly) these instructions also give some performance improvements as they include optifine.

  1. Follow the above instructions to step 3
  2. Install the offical Minecraft Java Launcher (click here)
  3. Download the Vivecraft non-vr installer (click here) and run it
  4. Select the options as per below screenshot (of course change RAM allocation and modpack directory based on where you install the pack)
  5. Launch the offical Minecraft Java Launcher, select the “Project Path Reloaded Non VR” profile (drop down next to the launch button) and click play

Use VR support:
Follow these instructions if you have a VR headset and want to use it in game.

  1. Follow original install instructions to step 3 (not the directly above VR ones)
  2. Download the Vivecraft VR headset installer (click here) and run it
  3. Select the options as per below screenshot (of course change RAM allocation and modpack directory based on where you install the pack)
  4. Launch the offical Minecraft Java Launcher, select the “Project Path Reloaded VR” profile (drop down next to the launch button) and click play

Whitelisted Players:

  • SentinelX101
  • JonnyCoad
  • DianiCoad
  • Smidget98
  • JoeDann9
  • C4192857
  • Prudamish
  • XMB
  • MeJanner
  • Olimander217

This server has the [Community] tag, this means that this is a private server intended for known community members. Unfortunately we’re not accepting whitelist applications from new people unless someone else can vouch for you.

Beyond having to be an exisiting community member whitelist requests are not strict, you can change up what mods you’re doing any time. Most of the below is just to pick a location and give some server wide goals we can all assist with.

Example Whitelist Request

Username: SentinelX101

Location (you can find coordiantes on the map): The clearing at the edge of the magical forest (4, 64, -1322)

What mods you’ll focus on (roughly):

  • Thaumcraft 6
  • Tech Reborn

What you’d like to build/achieve:

  • Connecting the magical forest to the rail network
  • Reaching the end of Thaumcraft 6 (mostly because I’ve never used it before)
  • Building a wizards tower in the clearing

Aweful Base Layout Plan (MSPaint only! - optional):

Username: JonnyCoad & DianiCoad

Location: Unsure as I only have my phone on me therefore cannot check coordinates, but I can circle the area!


What Mods I’ll focus on:
Not sure yet! But I am going to focus on mining and resource gathering and big storage and sorting. Also bees.

Rough Plan:
Within the red area I will build my Mine house, with a functioning underground rail line to help mine.
Within the blue/green will be my port/railyard, where my goods can be shipped serverwide.
The yellow line is my proposed planning area, although I can’t get coordinates to have no idea if it’s right.


this will be updated soon!

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Username smidget98
Location 260,64,-140
What mods i’ll focus on Still learning Vanilla
What i want to build Bin laden cave, Bat cave, Water fountain

Username: joedann9

Location: see map, around 462, -1201

What mods I’ll focus on:
I don’t know yet, but plan to branch out and try more technical ways of mining / building

Plan: Red line is my proposed planning. The orange I would like to build a wizards tower on the island, no cobble unless for artistic purposes (promise). The black line I would like to build a big underground hall/ castle. The blue, I’d like to build a proper castle or manmade hill castle thingy, and the grey lines are watch towers for the jungle, who knows what be creepin

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Excellent location choices! All have been added to the map and you’ll be whitelisted at 4PM

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Username: C4192857
Location: Village [-443,64,-1434]
– Although I’d much rather become a squire to someone else and help them in their project.
Mod Focus: Literally no clue, what ever it is I’ll have to be learning it from the beginning.
Thank you x

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Approved, the beautiful riverside village now surrounded by a salmon pink border is all yours! :laughing:

And I may have to enlist your assistance as a squire from the nearby village to help me with some Thaumcraft or perhaps exploring the twilight forest

Username: prudamish
Location: Village [-706, 64, -809
Mod Focus: Immersive Engineering for food production (sticking to what I know)!

Username: XMB

Location -815, 64, -1300


  • Something


  • Happiness

Username: MeJanner

Location: -35, 64, -115

Mod focus: Confusion 2.0

Plan to build: Dirt hut

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@JonnyCoad @smidget98 @Joedann9 @c4192857 @prudamish @XMB @MeJanner modpack has been updated, we’re now on the Technic Launcher, the instructions to install the pack on the forum post above have been updated.


  • Treecapitator added
  • Gravestones added
  • Almost all removed items added back
  • Many recipe changes reverted

This also give us the possibility to add some other small mods later on.

Username: Olimander217

Location: 322,64,-630, The village near a sandy cove and a large river

Mods I’m doing: Railcraft seems interesting, bees for definite, and maybe thaumcraft

What I’d like to build/achieve: A grand railway of undecided size, a port of some kind, I’d like to become a trade tycoon like I’m playing open TTD

I will achieve nothing but I’ll try sometimes

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Approved and whitelisted, good luck with the OpenTTDing! And remember that planes are banned :stuck_out_tongue:

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@JonnyCoad @smidget98 @Joedann9 @c4192857 @prudamish @XMB @MeJanner modpack update 2! Immersive Railroading looks exciting, should work well for the railway project



  • Added Immersive Railroading
  • Hopefully fixed some recipies
  • Enabled BuildCraft pumps
  • Added Better Builders Wands
  • Added Just Enough Calculation
  • Added Morph o Tool
  • Added No More Recipe Conflict
  • Added Open Computers (for controlling the trains)
  • Added EnderIO
  • Added EnderIO Zoo

Immersive railroading is a little on the large side so we’ll have to see how it performs for the long run, if anyone has any issues loading the pack let me know.

Username: Scorchulus

Location: -174 64 -1753

Mod focus: choo choo

Modpack update 3! Flans + fixes



  • Flans mod
  • Dirt block monsters disabled
  • Nether portal fix mod added
  • Herobrine added

Portal fix- Yay

Dirt Bock monsters- ya

Flans mod- OH FU…

Next modpack update!


  • Removed Flans mod
  • Removed Herobrine
  • Removed some chunkloaders (use FTB Utilities instead)
  • Added FTB Utilities (chunk claiming/chunk loading)
  • Added MrCrayFish furnature mod as requested by @JonnyCoad @Diani
  • Added server lag optimisations

FTB Utilities/Chunk loading/Claiming:
FTB Utilities has been added as the new area protection/chunk loading mod, please remove all old Railcraft chunkloads (you can keep the ones on rails if you need them).

To claim and load chunks first create a team (as prompted when you join), then in your inventory open the claimed chunks menu in the top left


You can click chunks to claim them, then shift left click to chunk load them (shown in red).

Please only claim chunks inside your area on the world map or in small amounts outside for machines like lava pumps, I don’t wan’t the whole world to be claimed.

Go to team settings and add people as allies to allow them to build in your area:

Flans mod removed:

Yes… it appears we’re not quite ready for the chaos that is Flans mod, however a new seperate monster apocolypse server to play with Flans will be coming soon. Here are a few pictures from last nights escapades:




Proposed Railway Design 1:

  • A single train will run around the entire main red track constantly - needs to include passenger and goods carriages.
  • Each base should have both a passenger station and a goods loading station.
  • Passenger stations should have a pressure plate which will signal the train to stop for ~10 seconds so passengers can board.
  • Goods loading stations should signal the train to stop automatically depending on if there are any contents in an export chest. When the contents are picked up, a redstone signal should be sent to the station meant to be recieving the goods which will mark the train to be stopped for unloading.
  • Trains on seperate lines can relay goods dropped by the main line to the other bases.


  • Less complexity than individual routes between each base running at seperate times.
  • Predictable max wait time at any point in central red line.
  • Potentially long full travel time on central line - use of high speed rails recommended.
  • Construction of only 3 trains needed.


  • High fuel requirements for constant running - steam instead of fuel use possible
  • Seperate train lines for further away bases (Scorchulus, MeJanner, smidget98, spawn) due to budget cuts.