[Closed] Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town

IP: community.thesentinelalliance.net:27016

This is a community only server. You are welcome to bring friends from outside this community but members have priority.


TTT server with map voting and at least 1 detective with up to 101 players.


Server Statistics:

This server is running on our brand new dedicated server, codename Tower. The Tower server is based in France with excellent connections to most of Europe.

Server Workshop Collection:

You will need to subscribe to all of the addons in the collection below, otherwise multiple maps and weapons will not work for you.


Extra Textures:

While not technically required if you do not have the games Half Life 2 (Episode 1 + 2) and Counter Strike (Source and Global Offensive) you will see errors in many maps and objects on this server. While we recommend purchasing the games and installing them to get the textures you can also visit the link below and download what you are missing.


How to Join:

Garry’s Mod > Find Multiplayer Game > Legacy Browser > Favorites > Add server by IP address > Enter the IP > Join

Password: gg