[Closed] Jonny's Fantastical Big Dig Server

Welcome to my Big Dig Server,

HOW TO PLAY: Download Big Dig 1.3.9 on the Technic launcher and shove in the IP.

The uptime will mostly be on weekends because thats when we are universally free.
As of yet it has no plugins and I will back up manually twice a day so try not to break the game.
Bring on friends if you’ve admitted to others you still like Minecraft and they haven’t disowned you.
Fire Spread and explosion damage are on.
Go wild.

The main idea of this server is that it will be self governed by you lot, i.e. if anyone griefs, the ‘good’ (most powerful) people put them on trial etc.

Therefore feel free to do anything, but try not to break everything too much or you’ll ruin the server/ you’ll find a taskforce of everyone hunting you down and spawn killing you.


- Try and stay close to each other. It’s hard to have wars with people 2000m away
- There are two bases so far from Alpha testing, rough Co-ords: +500 , +200

  • Be a dick at your own risk
    - If you are there will be a trial, with accusers defendants and an impartial judge, and you will be given an agreed upon sentence.
    - If you completely erase someones shit with explosives/missiles WITHOUT GOOD REASON (see final rule) I will shit on your stuff too

  • Don’t do shit to peoples stuff/houses if they are offline, because that means you are a weak, despicable human being

  • Make everything look pretty
    - Clear up Creeper Holes, Quarries underground/in water etc.

  • Wars can occur between groups of 2 or more people, as long as it is agreed in advance and you don’t hurt anyone else or their property in the process.
    - Wars must be ratified by me and there will be a record in a house at spawn of all current and past wars.

Please try not to crash the server, if you do, message me and I’ll try and get it back up as soon as possible, but that might be hours 'cause I’ve got work to do and people to feed.


Have a great time y’all xoxoxo

P.S. I cbf with formatting so much, apologies

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This server has:


I knew you were watching over us, we always had hope <3