[Closed] Minecraft: Project Pear Server

Project Pear is a fully featured Minecraft 1.7.10 modpack. With over 200 mods including Ars Magica, Buildcraft, Applied Energistics and many more, all of the best. More info coming soon.

Server Statistics:

This server is running on our brand new dedicated server, codename Tower. The Tower server is based in France with excellent connections to most of Europe.

Known Problems:

  • You will occasional be disconnected with the message “You have been disconnected”. When you reconnect you will be disconnected again with the message “Fatal Error”. Just reconnect a third time and you will be fine.


  • No griefing

How to Install:

  1. Download and install Technic Launcher.
  2. Lauch Technic Launcher and log in.
  3. Under the modpack tab in the search box enter: http://technicpack.net/modpack/project-pear.684343
  4. Install and launch it by clicking play.

Apply to Join:

Our offical server (pear.thesentinelalliance.net) is whitelisted to prevent griefing. Anyone who wants to use this server must first reply to this topic with their Minecraft username.

How to Join:

  1. Launch the modpack from the Technic Launcher
  2. Join at the IP: pear.thesentinelalliance.net Port: 25565

Yo my homie, wassup bartenda? Its JonnyCoad here requestin’ a whitelist.

J_Wakatak Can I be added to Whitelist plz, also add me on Facebook and Twitter, and my Snapchat if you want

Plz, take pity on a poor orphan and whitelist me

009 Reporting for Duty.
C4192857 signing up.


Whitelist pls DelSCORCHO

Whitelist pls, MC name is tangsang

Whitelist pls, MC name is Tyler_Turtle

Whitelist pls- thescopesniper69

This server has now been moved to our new 2016 network. Same pear.thesentinelalliance.net IP however the port has changed, if you want to play this server before we update the modpack next please change the port in your Minecraft client to remove the port.

New Full IP: pear.thesentinelalliance.net

The Dynmap port will also soon be changed so that you just have to go to pear.thesentinelalliance.net in the browser instead of pear.thesentinelalliance.net:8123

I believe that The Sentinel Alliance download server for this modpack has been down recently, apologies to those who wanted to play it during that time and were unable to @Tangsang1998.

Either way I’ve taken this server offline for now to free up some space on our server for future servers like the coming soon Minecraft Lost Kingdom of Zoreg and Arma 2 Overpoch servers. The server is still safe and backed up, just waiting to be used again and it will return when we next feel like a spot of Minecraft.

Thanks to all those who played on the server.

I’m closing this thread for now. If you’d like to ask about anything relating to this server you can PM me @SentinelX101.