[Closed] Modded Minecraft: Labyrinthine

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- Release date: 13th of November -

Modded Minecraft: Labyrinthine - Community Server

Brand new, a year after our last server: a new private community modpack and server, jumping 3 years forward in Minecraft versions from 1.12.2 (2017) to version 1.16.3 (2020).

More details will be added to this post as we come closer to the release date.

Modpack features:

  • Mystical monsters - Many new creatures are added by mods like Wyrmroost from sea serpents to hydras, with tamable dragons roaming the overworld. Not to forget the Adélie penguins added by Waddles.

  • Undiscovered worlds - Over 70 new biomes are added by the mod Oh The Biomes You’ll Go. While the underground world of caves is totally transformed into vast open cave systems by YUNG’s Better Caves.

  • Enhanced agility - To traverse the new terrain double jumps, wall jumps and wall clinging has been added by the mod Wall-Jump! along with the mod Advanced Hook Launchers adding grappling hooks.

  • Tech in abundance - The latest version of Mekanism provides ore quintupling through complex processing as well as adding machines for just about every possible function. Immersive Engineering give us retro-futuristic machinery. Powah! enables extreme energy generation. And Buildcraft-like quarries are added by Additional Enchanted Miners.

  • Magic! - Magical machines from Botania, powerful magic from Mahou Tsukai and nature based magic from Nature’s Aura. If that’s not enough then become a vampire with the mod Vampirism to conduct dark rituals and hunt villagers for sustenance.

  • Town management - The Millénaire style mod MineColonies allows for interactive town building. With custom NPCs: builders, crafters, farmers, fishermen, guards, miners and more all working to build up the town you design.

  • Builders paradise - The mod Chisel and Bits allows for custom decorations to be built piece by piece. EmbelishCraft mod adds many new building materials and decorations. Macaw’s Roofs adds custom roof blocks along with Macaw’s Bridges adding custom bridges.

  • A lot more - Embrace your MSPaint skills with the Joy of Painting mod then create an in game gallary of all your creations with the Camera mod. Use the expanded fishing system added by Aquaculture 2 with 30 new fish to catch. With over 200 mods included there is a lot that hasn’t been mentioned here to explore on the server.


  • This is a cooperative server - No greifing at all inside claimed areas. Work together, or at least with a sense of friendly rivalry.

  • Every player should have their own base - Cooperation is still encouraged, this rule is just intended to allow people to advance at their own pace and to prevent large shared laggy areas like we have had many times before.

  • No easy teleportation - There are no teleport commands on the server, if you want to get somewhere early game then walk! Hopefully later in the game we’ll have highways and cars constructed to get around.


Effort has been made to ensure there are minimal keybinding conflicts. See the following image for an overview of keys:

Full mod list:

Still slightly in progress full mod list here.

Download link:


Installing Optifine:

If you’re expriencing any client side performance issues or want to use shaders then you can install Optifine by following these instructions.

Server map:

For choosing a location: https://labyrinthine.thesentinelalliance.net/

Whitelist applications:

We’ll be aiming to allow whitelist applications from the 9th of November ahead of the 13th of November server release, along with a dynamic map website to allow everyone to choose their base locations.

This server has the [Community] tag, this means that this is a private server intended for known community members. Unfortunately we’re not accepting whitelist applications from new people unless someone else can vouch for you.

- Release date: 13th of November -


Now open for whitelist requests! - Server launch at 7PM

Beyond having to be an exisiting community member (or having a community member vouch for you) whitelist requests are not strict, you can change up what mods you’re doing any time. Most of the below is just to pick a location and give some server wide goals we can all assist with.

Use the server map link above to choose a location.

Example Whitelist Request

Username: SentinelX101

Location (you can find coordiantes on the map): Inside the red forest (-254 70 -425)

What mods you’ll focus on (roughly):

  • Mekanism
  • MineColonies
  • Immersive Engineering

What you’d like to build/achieve:

  • Establishing a large town with MineColonies
  • Learning Immersive Engineering
  • Setup ore quintupling with Mekanism

Aweful Base Layout Plan (MSPaint only! - optional):


Currently at work so will update later but I want to build a Mekanism based mine plant in a frontier style right here

Username: JonnyCoad

COORDS 0 64 -700



Quarries: ROCK HOLE


I will repeat this plan until I win Minecraft.

Base Blueprint

plan mc2020|690x471plan mc2020

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Username: Prudamish

Location: 749,64,56

What mods you’ll focus on (roughly):

  • Immersive Engineering

  • something else, maybe dragons

What you’d like to build/achieve:

  • Science
  • Dragons
  • Maybe Magic

Base Blueprint

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Username: XMB

Location East of a village (920 64 -280)

What mods you’ll focus on (roughly):

  • Mekanism
  • MineColonies
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Thermal expansion

What you’d like to build/achieve:

  • Establishing a large town with MineColonies
  • Learning Immersive Engineering
  • Setup ore quintupling with Mekanism
  • Creating a nuclear deterrent only to accidently nuke the japanese… twice
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Username: JGWackatak

Location The autumnal forest in the attached image
Coordinates: 840, 64,307

Mods: If included, Tinkers construct

What I want to achieve:
Hella cool builds, probably a Harbour and a forge
Trade networks
Screenshot 2020-11-13 184505

Hi All! Looking forward to being instantly surpassed by all of you

Username: Olimander217

Location: 2, 64, 338, the forest by the lake.

Mods: Honestly no idea, Mekanism sounds like a lot of fun though

What I’d like to achieve: To tear up mother nature’s gifts and turn the land into an industrial waste land. As it was meant to be.

Blueprint: I would draw a blueprint but it’s 18:57 and I desperately want to be whitelisted

Welcome everyone, all whitelisted!

Tinkers construct isn’t in the modpack on launch since it hasn’t updated to 1.16.3, but I’d recommend taking a look at its replacement Slient Gear and Silent Gems. Tinkers construct will also be added in the 2nd wave of mods if it updates!


Update laterz

Whitelisted you rule breaking nomad! But pick a location soon

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want to achieve:
Bin Laden Cave
A slide

Username: smidget98

MC Name: joedann9
location: de pink forest: 241, 64, -800

mods? hehehe good joke, maybe magic or any elfy type ones

build: probably like an elven weird thing in the trees maybemc server

Very nice, you have been whitelisted!

-350, 64, -1010
Birch [ish] Forest.

I maintain my status of Nomad - and to go around and help other people in their quests.
I designate this area home in an attempt to create a nature reserve.

MC Username: LizToady

Location: 399, 64, -351 (Inside the blue forest area)


  • Aquaculture

  • Joy of Painting

  • Builder’s Paradise stuff

What I’d like to build/achieve:

  • Living my best Minecraft life

  • Providing a ‘central’-ish point for existing players on the map and possible future projects

  • Build a pretty treehouse-y town

  • Not bluescreen

Base Layout (initial plans):
Server plans 3

Good plans and nice detailed post, whitelisted!


Update 10 - Modpack Optifine support :

The modpack has been updated to experimentally support Optifine with update 10, this means potentially much better performance for users experiencing client side lag. Not to mention shader support as well!

Due to Optifine’s licencing unfortunately we’re not allowed to include it by default so it does have to be installed manually, as well as reinstalled after every modpack update. Still highly recommend due to the huge performance increases from my testing.

Optifine installation instructions:

Follow these instructions to install Optifine, they are different then the normal install instructions.

  1. Make sure you have Labyrinthine downloaded and updated in the Technic Launcher
  2. In the Technic Launcher select “Modpack Options” > then click “Open” next to the install folder location
  3. Download Optiforge to the “mods” directory inside the install folder location: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/optiforge/download/3120749
  4. Download Optifine to the “mods” directory inside the install folder location: https://optifine.net/adloadx?f=OptiFine_1.16.4_HD_U_G5.jar
  5. Launch the modpack as normal through the Technic Launcher
  6. Note that the above installation steps need to be redone after a modpack update

Recommend adjusting the new options under video settings afterwards:

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