[Closed] Modded Minecraft: TSA Gets Railed

TSA Gets Railed - Community Server

A unique new lightweight modded server!

Ores now spawn only in “plutons” these are of varying shapes but almost always very large deposits (1000 ore blocks+) spread throughout the world. To find the underground deposits you can find surface deposits then use a prospector’s pick to lower down the exact locations. You can think of the mining as closer to something like Satisfactory, where the real challenge comes from finding the ores and transporting/processing them instead of just ore scarcity.

All ores only spawn in certain biomes so a lot of exploring and spreading out of bases will be required, same way that emeralds only spawn in mountainous biomes so can be hard to find. You can imagine situations where we don’t have access to certain materials until brave explorers report back on the location of a deposit in a far off land!

There is no server map and no world border, so everything is uncharted and you can go as far away as you want but we’ll have to start establishing paths (+ eventually trains) to bring any significant amount of ores to each other.

Choo choo, it’s time to get railed! Get ready to be fully cogged!
- Jonny

Core mods:

Unique ore generation system as detained above!

Build the Rube Goldberg machines of your dreams with the Create mod, maybe even try to make them useful!

Immersive Railroading
Use realisticly designed trains to establish routes between the biomes, or just expand your model train collection:

Immersive Engineering
Take advantage of the immersive technology avalible with immersive engineering, and become and oil baron with the Immersive Petrolium addon.

Be aware that the Immersive Engineering garden cloches and excavators are technology yet beyond our understanding (disabled at launch)!

Download link:

Download the TSA Gets Railed modpack through the Curseforge client.

Explorers of the new Minecraft lands (everyone who applied to be whitelisted on the last server), you have been whitelisted for the server launch today at 8PM! Come join us @JonnyCoad @prudamish @XMB @JGWakatak @Olimander217 @c4192857 @smidget98 @Joedann9 @BeefBoi

Ore biome hints


We are well accustomed to burning the woods and sticks we find around us, and have even discovered how to produce a purer wood ‘charcoal’. It stands to reason, that over millennia, vast deposits of dead matter have built up under great forests and squalid swamps. Perhaps there is an easier way to heat our homes, than with wood and char…

Granite, Diorite, Andesite

Although we know of the grey stone of every cliff and cave, the three other colours are less well known. They appear ubiquitous in our world, and those brave enough to enter the deep caverns of mountains report vast rock faces of red, white and strong grey. Perhaps we could use these stronger rocks to some advantage…


As the age of the iron horse approaches, we have more need for that strong metal for tool and rail. It is occasionally found in most rock, but none so much as the great hills that reach through the clouds. Some think that these vast deposits are the result of ancient seas raining iron on their sea floors, but how can the sea get higher than the clouds?


The red powder we find in ancient traps and buildings has always been a mystery to us both in how it works and its origins. Recently however, upon careful ‘interviewing’ of an Ocean born Drowned, we discovered he recognised it, and was horrified with our use of it in our casual manner, or perhaps that was the block of explosive it was attached to … either way, there must be some lurking in the depths, and of some religious quality to the denizens of the deep.


Gold, the first metal of man, and the last, if he possesses too much and another’s jealousy gets the better of him. A metal found glittering desirably under intense heat of sandy lands that have claimed many victims.


We have found tools imbued with great powers, though we know not how. Often there is a glowing blue residue in cracks and imperfections, reminiscent of the hue of urea after a few too many jungle villager cookies…


As a recreational drug and aphrodisiac for our villager cousins, it is a necessary evil for us to obtain this disgusting stone, and watch their horrible little faces light up as we barter for goods. This green stone is found only beneath tall mountains, and is known to be the cold-treated excrement of llama. Collect it at your peril, preferably with gloves, and never stick around to watch the villagers consume it, lest you become a subject of interest at the ensuing orgy.


The most ubiquitous and pervasive of the earths minerals, it is one of the first to have made up the rocks of the early continents. Despite being common in all rivers, beaches and oceans, the only workable material of this common crystal can be found in still, frigid climates, ancient and silent lands choked with ice.

Modpack Update Release 2 - Rumours

It has been one week since we arrived, and progress has been swift. In one week we have mapped out ore deposits for everything other than the illusive quartz, built up numerous outposts and established the foundation of a railway system. Now our new discoveries will allow us to advance further, but not without the world adapting to us, at least if a few rumours turn out to be true:

  • Creeper Camouflage - It is rumoured that the creatures we know as creepers have begun to adapt to us, now learning to better trick our vision.

  • Cinnabar Wires - We’ve learned to shape cinnabar into thin wires and cables in order to construct advanced mechanisms more easily, with this also comes the ability to create more precise switches, gauges and levers.

  • Modular Sandwiches - Our culinary constructors have expanded their horizons and learned the ancient art of modular sandwich making.

  • Magic Boxes - Diagrams discovered under the ocean could allow us to craft bizarre magic boxes from stone, gold and small amounts of cinnabar. It is said that these can open a connection to a dangerous dimension called “The Internet”.

  • New Rails - We have been able to manufacture new rail types, such as the timed holding rail. These should ease the transition to a fully utilised railway.

  • Iron Chests - It came to us in a dream (or was it a nightmare?), the revolutionary idea that chests may be able to be made out of something other than wood.

  • Uncharted Lands - Something is different in the uncharted lands, send for the scouts!

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Modpack Update Release 3 - Gathering Power

This week’s progress on new railway tracks has largely stalled as we turned our attention towards reinforcing the existing tracks against the growing number of monster attacks by building fences and shoring up the foundations with stone. With luck we will soon be able to resume the push for a full railway and trade network.

In other news the arrival in the mainland of the Spirits of Vengeance: @JGWakatak @DelSCORCHO, riders from the land of Cogwarts using occult performance enhancing rituals, for better or for worse, marks a turn towards research into more otherworldly things. With caution abandoned this research has already borne fruit!

  • Phantom Minecarts - We have temporarily figured out a way to imbue minecarts with a ghostly power, enabling them to pass through any creatures blocking the tracks. Nothing bad could come from the use of the occult to resolve frivolous problems… right?

  • Invisible Lighting - The use of our newly discovered powers doesn’t stop at minecarts, we have also been able to harness this power to open invisible cracks into a dimension of light using a lighting wand, with this we’re able to appropriately mood light our homes without the use of unsightly torches. The cracks are so small, surely even with widespread use nothing other than warming light could come through them?

  • Climbing Spiders - Just as the creepers did, the spiders have also started adapting to our presence, learning to catch the more troublesome pray that we’ve become. The way the spiders are now moving feels familiar, almost like we’ve fought them in another life.

  • Magic Box Enhancements - Our understanding of the boxes crafted from stone, gold and cinnabar has grown, allowing us to create more devices which can interact with them.

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Server update due Friday evening, don’t update before then.

Modpack Update Release Version 4 - Dimensional Dabbling

We are nearing the end of the 3rd week, train routes on the mainland have been reinforced and are near completion, the grand rail now stretches through from the desert sphinx on the edge of the northern realms, all the way to the land of cogwarts. As well as that the construction of the first cargo train enhanced with the power of the magic boxes well underway.

Many new discoveries have been made:

  • Simple Farming - Sometimes even procrastination can drive innovation. In a likely attempt to avoid more productive endeavours we have begun to examine even the smallest plants in the grass that, when properly cultivated, could seemingly be grown into a wide new variety of foods.

  • Dimensional Dungeons - We have found the notes of a madman, ravings speaking of portals that can be created and opened to dungeons with an infinite number of variations. And a warning that a dimensional traveller will risk everything and have less power in these places.

  • Monster Champions - It may just be a coincidence but it seemed like they started appearing at first in the areas with the most use of the phantom carts and invisible lighting cracks, but now they’ve been seen appearing everywhere. Familiar monsters imbued with new powers seemingly at random.

  • Progressive Bosses - With our strength growing the most powerful creatures in this land have taken note of us, even if we can defeat them then we expect they’ll only come back stronger.

  • Longer Seasons - We have been able to observe and measure the strange seasons more accurately, now understanding that each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) is split into 3 subseasons (Early, Mid, Late), each subseason is 72 days, meaning a full season is 216 days. Now we’ve measured them it seems like the seasons have grown much longer, but that could all be in our heads…

  • Corrupted Records - A strange energy has washed over the music discs in our storage, corrupting many and turning them into… something else. Maybe in another twisted dimension they make sense, but here it may take us many years of research to truly decipher their meaning.


Modpack Update Version 5 - One Month in the New World

It has now been one month since we arrived in the new world! A lot has been achieved, iron and steel production has been ramped up, almost all of the railway is now heavily reinforced, and despite many earlier problems the cargo train system is operational with three stations plus a fourth on the way.

Our latest discoveries (briefly as our news writer is on holiday):

  • Basic Quarries - We can now create compact single block solid fuel quarries, this is something we were able to create before but this new more compact design should allow further stockpiling of region specific materials to be traded on the train network.

  • Find Me - We have developed the ability to sense in which exact chest a nearby needed item is in without checking them manually.

  • Fixes - Some things that were broken are no longer broken, this place works in mysterious ways…

  • Turtles - We now have the technology create magic box based mobile entities we’re calling ‘turtles’