[Closed] Project Pear: Anniversary Edition Server

Welcome to Project Pear: Anniversary Edition, a new server exclusively for those who have attained the Anniversary forum rank.

About Project Pear

The Project Pear mod pack is the latest successor in a long line of TSA mod packs stretching back over 6 years of testing, playing and subsequent total and utter destruction.

Containing over 140 mods ranging from ancient magic (Ars Magicka, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Necromancy, Witchery) to the most advanced technology (MineFactory Reloaded, Applied Energetics) to just the classics (Buildcraft, Railcraft, Thermal Expansion).


Don’t Be A Dick

Of everything in this section the only real rule is to obey Wheaton’s Law quite a simple rule.

Don’t grief other players. Don’t take large amounts of resources without asking those who are mainly responsible for supplying it. Don’t blow up anyone’s stuff. Don’t be a dick.

Work Together

This is a friendly casual server for long time members of this community. Lets work together this time, we have more than enough mods to keep us busy and we’ve rarely actually finished our grand projects.

Stay Together

You will spawn where everyone should be, there is no need to venture out to distant lands before you start building. Stick together* in the village/settlement.

*Exceptions can be made when trying to build a nuclear generator in your basement.

Protect Your House

There exists a simple land protection plugin called Grief Prevention on the server, it is there because even when working closely together everyone likes to have a place they can call their own.

With it players can have a small house sized chunk of land (from sky to bedrock) with limited protection, it is not there so people can split off into entirely separate areas and claim half the world. Many machines will not function inside protected land and many items will be able to bypass/not be effected by the protection. This is intentional.

Use The Mining World

Try not to visibly destroy the overworld too much, this is meant to be a long term server, one we hopefully come back to years from now. There would be no benefit to for instance destroying the landscape with quarries.

A mining world is setup specifically for quarries/destructive mining, it will even yield more resources than the overworld would. Use the dimension changer in your inventory to go there.

You Are Being Watched

The server makes use of a very advanced logging and rollback system. Nearly every action taken by players on the server is logged and can be rolled back.

This is not an excuse to grief other players in the knowledge that it can be reversed as roll backs often result in missing items and broken structures. This is an assurance that we can tell who did it.

Known Problems:

  • None as of yet. Yay!

Server Status:

Server Map:

We have setup a DynMap of the server. Everyone, even those who are not whitelisted are welcome to visit it.


How to Install:

  1. Download and install Technic Launcher.
  2. Lauch Technic Launcher and log in.
  3. Under the modpack tab in the search box enter: http://technicpack.net/modpack/project-pear.684343
  4. Install and launch it by clicking play.

How to Join:

  1. Get whitelisted. Anniversary members only. Most of you should already be whitelisted.
  2. Launch the modpack from the Technic Launcher
  3. Join at the IP: pear.thesentinelalliance.net