[Closed] StarMade Server

StarMade… it’s Minecraft in space and so much more…


We’ve been following StarMade since a little after its release in 2012 and now we’re coming back to it all over again in 2017 by popular demand. Come join us building and battling in space, it’s even free during alpha:

This time we’re hosting a totally new Europe based public server with over 1000 slots and plenty of space for everyone.


Don’t Be A Dick

We’re back again with the golden rule, obey Wheaton’s Law quite a simple rule.

No Random Killing and Griefing

PVP is allowed on this server but don’t go about randomly killing and picking on people, if someone wants to build let them build. No picking on the smaller people.

You will only be banned for major infractions of this rule but beware you will always incur the wrath of the larger factions for breaking this rule.

Keep Spawn Clear

Spawn is a protected area for a reason, keep it mostly clear of ships and absolutely don’t kill people around it. Go find your own place, there is a whole galaxy out there.


How to Join:

  1. Download and install StarMade (the demo linked above is the full free version but we still recommend you buy the game to support the devs).
  2. Search “The Sentinel Alliance” in the multiplayer browser or join the IP: starmade.thesentinelalliance.net:4242

when is this ever going to update to the newest starmade?

I’m just going to merge this post with the StarMade one, please post regarding the StarMade server either in reply to this thread or as a PM instead of creating a new topic. Just to keep the forum clean.

Hadn’t realized it had already been a week since the last update was posted, I’ll go ahead and update as soon as I can startup a local instance of the server to make sure the changes don’t break anything major.

We’ll try and update it today.

can you update it to the pre v0.199.649 thats the latest
Thanks for responding I will try to post in the correct area for now on

did you update it? and which version are you going to use so I know which to use?

The server is now updated.

We’re using the latest stable release v0.199.646

Aw, What I figured. Already downgraded to it. From the Pre, I mean which is pretty good if you play you should check it out. But still some errors with it. So thanks

currently there is a guy trying to extort people and spawn kill them

Greetings all the faction Rome Raiders are attacking peaceful faction randomly and spawn killing them if there is an admin that could help fix this problem we would be very grateful

I’ll be around soon to resolve the situation

Hello, sorry to be a nag but it seems the Starmade Server is stuck doing that “waiting to spawn” forever bug. I asked a couple people to test it and they got the same thing. Think we could get a server reset? Or if there’s a better venue to file such a request into–could you point me to it?

Thanks for informing me. I’ve restarted the server and I’m not getting any waiting to spawn bug when connecting, let me know if them problem is still there for you.

Also here definitely works for filing a request like that, though asking on our Riot community chatroom may get a faster response if I’m around at the time. Feel free to use either.

I have tried it again and it is resolved. Thanks so much!

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Hmm… the server will not spawn me. It loads me in, and the swirly stand by screen shows, but it will not let me leave the spawning in part, no matter how long I wait. I don’t know what to do, because half of my blueprints I haven’t saved to my computer.

Hi there, is the Server down?


The starmade one? It’s been down a while. The guy who runs them has been at university and moving

hi, yes, the starmade server^^

it is down for over a day, and my group 3-6 player ask me if the server starts again :slight_smile:

Well sentinel is at work atm, but I will let him know.

thx you a lot :DDDDD

Just merged this post with the main Starmade one, please post here in the future or poke me on Riot. Just keeping the forum clean.

Sorry I wasen’t able to respond to this faster, I was indeed at work like @prudamish said.

I found the problem… the server ran out of disk space… wasn’t quite expecting that so soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve increased the server’s disk space quota and it is now back online, should be working fine. Do let me know if there are any other problems.