[Closed] Tekkit Classic: Spadgerinos Server

Find more information here: www.spadgerinos.com

Server is now open and public for all.

IP: tekkit.spadgerinos.com


This is intended to be a server for nostalgia and in honor of the great livestreamers and YouTubers Spadger’s Hat. Open to all Spadgerinos (the fans of Spadger’s Hat) and all those wishing to engage in nostalgic acts.

They started their great Tekkit to the Bridge series on this very modpack (Tekkit Classic, although it wasn’t called Tekkit Classic at the time) as you can see in the link below to the series on YouTube.

On an unspadger’s hat related note Tekkit Classic is also one of the modpacks we (The Sentinel Alliance) played back ages ago when I used to host servers on my computer.


  • Admin - @SentinelX101
  • Admin - Any of the Spadger’s Hat cast if they appear

Server Statistics:

This server is running on our brand new dedicated server, codename Agamemnon. The Agamemnon server is based in France with excellent connections to most of Europe. We can support as many people as want to attend as you can see from the 666 player cap, which also happens to be an attempt to summon a daemon in the form of Chessington… cough cough sorry I mean CHESSINGTON!!!.


The rules of this server are in flux, for now they remain as below.

  • Be friendly - As in obey Wheaton’s Law.
  • No griefing - Don’t go and try to destroy other peoples buildings or steal their items.

Known Bugs

  • Mining a block using a machine/modded item in hand may cause that item to change into something else unusable with the -1 meta id.

How to Install:

  1. Download and install Technic Launcher.
  2. Lauch Technic Launcher and log in.
  3. Under the modpack tab in the search box enter: Tekkit Classic
  4. Install and launch it by clicking play.

How to Join:

  1. Launch the Tekkit modpack from the Technic Launcher
  2. Join at the IP: tekkit.spadgerinos.com Port: 25565

Minecraft server call to action: @JonnyCoad, @XMB, @prudamish, @c4192857, @J_Wakatak, @DERPdelSCORCHO, @Dmacd98, @CptnCleator, @thescopesniper

Will Be there @SentinelX101 Just you wait

Eyyyyy boss, Can i be white-listed please

Username: XMB

@SentinelX101 just whitelist the whole of TSA core, make it easy on yourself

No need now, the server is now unwhitelisted. Public to all. Let it begin…

Prepare the dogs of wars @prudamish, call the battalions of the TSA to arms @XMB, prime the Chessington nukes @CptnCleator

Uh… I mean be peaceful everyone, this is a friendly server… for now… MUAHAHAHHA

Tekkit casually taking over a bloody hour to install…

Known Bug +1 (the minus 1 bug)

Mining a block using a machine/modded item (non-tool) in hand may cause that item to change into something else unusable with the -1 meta id. We’re still trying to pin down what causes it exactly.

Moral of the story: Don’t mine using items, mine using tools.

I’ve recently restarted the server after it crashed around 9:15PM yesterday due to one of the minus 1 items being used. Please refrain from using any of the bugged items they may crash you or the server.

The server in now online and working fine. It should auto-restart if any future crashes occur and will also restart every 12 hours to stop the build up of lag.

Dont know if your aware, but the servers been greifed into next year, if you die, you end up in a perma death loop from falling in the crater that is now spawn

I guess Chessington must have paid a vist to the server after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway fixed, thanks for alerting me.

no problemo :smiley:

The server is taking a vacation to somewhere west of General Vagueries…

Thank you to all of those that joined in, it was nice to reminisce.

Server Shutdown.