[Closed] The Sentinel Alliance's All the Mods 3 Server

Welcome to The Sentinel Alliance’s Minecraft community server running the latest All the Mods 3 modpack and running a Factions-like plugin.

Click here to view the world map.


  • Don’t be a dick - This is first and foremost a community server, we’re here to have fun. So please follow this simple diagram.
  • Don’t destroy the environment (too much) - Lets not make this a server of nerd poles, floating leaves, quarry holes and explosion craters.
  • Cooperate (most of the time) - PvP is allowed but cooperation is encouraged. This isn’t intended to be a server where players are immediately killed on sight.
  • Use factions - We have a factions plugin installed, so use it. At least so it’s obvious whose chest of 64 diamonds is in that plains biome over there.


This server is running a Factions-like plugin called EagleFactions, it allows you to claim territory based on power accrued for each minute you’ve played on the server. Factions can have ranks, enemies, allies, etc. Here are a few of the basic commands of EagleFactions:

  • /f create [tag] [factionname] - Creates a faction
  • /f join [factionname] - Joins a faction
  • /f map - See a map of claimed/wilderness land nearby
  • /f info - See info about your own faction
  • /f claim - Claim a chunk of land as your own
  • /f help - List of all commands

There is the ability to attack and steal land within this factions plugin, however we have intentionally configured this to be very difficult to achieve. This is a cooperative sever, there may at times be tensions and wars between factions but not to the point where a faction’s home base can be easily decimated.

How to join:

  1. Download and install the Twitch desktop client (weird, we know).
  2. Launch the Twitch client, go to the mods tab and click on Minecraft
  3. Install and lauch the All the Mods 3 modpack
  4. Join our server at the address: atm3.thesentinelalliance.net

Whitelisted Players:

SentinelX101, JonnyCoad, surbenalot44, XMB, Prudamish, C4192857, BeefBoi, smidget98, Scorchulus, thescopesniper69, olimander217

Apply to be whitelisted by replying to this post, all we need is your Minecraft username.

Please whitelist me, I’ll be good, honest.


Server online, and whitelisted :slight_smile:


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo (Filling up characters)

Better than the blacklist

XMB (~Surprise~)

My computer might die if i try to get on, but I won’t muck up your server. BeefBoi

It will have had an honourable death if it does!

Welcome, you’ve been whitelisted


gerrojerjnldfhjlk APIR;OJDSGJPKIEG09UWekgiuerHG

Scorchulus please whitelist me i will make rocket to space

Will try to be on at some point to be intimidated by everyone else’s tech

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Whitelisted, welcome Oli!

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