[Community] Garry's Mod: Murder

IP: gmod.thesentinelalliance.net:27020

This is a community only server for use by known and regular members on Teamspeak.


A classic Gmod Murder gamemode server with our favorite maps like md_clue and all of the standard gameplay. Nothing new here, except for the server.

Server Statistics:

The server is running on one of our new Germany based dedicated servers and should be online 24/7.

Server Workshop Collection:

We recommend subscribing to the following collection ahead of time before joining the server.

TSA Private Murder Server 2020 Collection

Additional Textures:

Some maps require additional textures from Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2, if you own these games already just install them so that Garry’s Mod can use their textures. However if you don’t own those games then follow the guide here to install the texture addons:

[Guide] Installing Gmod Additional Textures (CS: S, HL2)

You will be able to join without these textures, however many objects will show up with a bright purple/black checkerboard pattern or become totally invisible which can make many maps unplayable.

How to Join:

  1. Subscribe to all items in the above workshop collection
  2. Install the additional Gmod textures as per above guide, if you don’t have CS: S and HL7 installed
  3. Launch Garry’s Mod
  4. Select menu item “Find Multiplayer Game”
  5. Click “Legacy Browser”
  6. Under the “Favorites” tab click “Add a Server”
  7. Enter the IP address of gmod.thesentinelalliance.net:27020
  8. Click “Add this address to favorites”
  9. Close the “Legacy Browser” and join via the normal “Favorites” menu