[Community] Killing Floor 2

IP: killingfloor.thesentinelalliance.net:7777

This is a community only server for use by known and regular members on Teamspeak. We may run more public servers at a later point, but nothing is currently planned.


Listing this private Killing Floor 2 server which we’ve been using for a while on the forum in an effort to make these things more discoverable. Right now the server is running almost entirely vanilla Killing Floor 2 aside from the 15 player slot mod which allows server stats to remain enabled.

Server Statistics:

The server is running on one of our new Germany based dedicated servers and should be online 24/7.


Staff with full access to the KF2 server control panel to change maps and modes.

How to Join:

Either join someone else already playing on the server via Steam friends menu and make sure to favorite it, or:

  1. Open Steam
  2. At the top left click “View” and then select “Servers”
  3. Click “ADD A SERVER” at the bottom right of the newly opened window
  4. Enter the IP address: killingfloor.thesentinelalliance.net:7777
  5. Launch Killing Floor and the server will show up under favorites

Convoluted join method courtesy of Killing Floor 2 not having an in game add server by IP menu or search by name option.

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