Community Meeting 03/01/2016 - New Year Discussion

We will be having our new year community meeting on January the 3rd 2016 at 7PM GMT. I’m announcing this a few days ahead of time so everyone is aware of it and hopefully so as many as possibly can attend.

We will be talking about what we’ve done in 2015, plans for 2016 and also reviewing the positions of all staff. More information to be added to this post soon.

We may delay this meeting if not many are able to attend on the 3rd. If you can’t attend on the 3rd please post here or tell me elsewhere

At present many of us are at a party, but yes, I should be able to attend, depends how bad the hangover is :wink:

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Update: It’s horrific.

Don’t worry I’ll take some money out of the TSA treasury and send you 30 tones of coffee… actually scratch that I’ve just bought 4 new servers for our new year server update.

Instead I’ll contact our future selves to tell them to contact our future future selves who have invented time travel back to the past and will be able to contact the 3rd generation bartender during his time as a wealthy coffee baron just before the world was destroyed to make way for a new hyperspace Bees N’ Rails Co bypass.

Bees N’ Rails Co are responsible for the destruction of the planet 100 years from now. Hows that for a sobering thought? :stuck_out_tongue: