Community Meeting (06/02/2016 to 07/02/2016)

There is one major difference with this community meeting, we’re switching from just community meetings on the first Sunday of every month at 7PM to a full community weekend over Saturday and Sunday.

Tabletop/Game Night - Saturday 7PM GMT

The first event will be on the Saturday at 7PM GMT. We will be playing the increasing in popularity Secret Hitler on Tabletop Sim. Around 8 people are required for Secret Hitler, a game of deception involving two apposing teams of fascists and liberals as well as one Hitler. The game was created by some of the same people who made Cards Against Humanity and it is just as fun if not more.

Every month we will play a different game but will likely stick to Tabletop Sim based games for the majority of them. If you have a suggestion for a Tabletop Game we can play next time go ahead and propose it.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

The community meeting will be happening as usual on the Sunday at 7PM GMT where we will be going through our agenda (which I will add later). The Sunday meeting is of course the more important of the two nights so if you can only make one, just continue to come to the community meeting on Sunday as normal.

It is my hope that this new format will encourages more members of the community to show up during the meeting as well as giving us a slightly more informal time to catch up with the community monthly.

Edit: Also although I’m unsure if we will get more than 8 people for this event you are welcome to reserve a spot playing Secret Hitler here ahead of time.

Excellent ideas yet again Sam-wise!
I do indeed wish to reserve a place for this “Secret Hitler!” as it sounds most intriguing!

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