Community Meeting 1/2/15 - Premeeting Post

This is an announcement letting people know that as usual we will be having a community meeting on Sunday (1/2/15) at 7PM GMT, please attend if available, all are welcome. It will be the first one of the new year so expect some speeches and moments of contemplation as we look back on the events of 2014.

Current Meeting Agenda:

  • Looking back on the last year
  • Teamspeak Bots
  • Recruiting
  • Private Channels
  • A welcome to frequent groups on the Teamspeak: Thee Alamo, AgileBoyz
  • Website/Forum changes
  • The battle of the sidebars - LEFT vs RIGHT
  • ESO

Please post any topics you would like added to the agenda.

-sorting out the stuff for the gmod server (mods Gamemodes etc)
-Teamspeak TSA core ranks?
-Update on Minecraft mod-pack
-Organize Gmod Events? (TTT, Prophunt, Sandbox build challenges etc)
-Server funding to assist Sammy in keeping up the servers!
-Recording schedule

I will leave it at that for the moment