Community Meeting (1/4/17 to 2/4/17) - Palpatine's Monthly Review

Recording Time - Saturday 3PM GMT

This is the time for recording, as has been planned every week. Turn up and help us record… something…

Secret Palatine Game Night - Saturday 7PM GMT

This time Secret Hitler Star Wars edition: Secret Palatine. Who will fall to the dark empire this time… :imp:

Workshop files for this version here:

As usual join us on Teamspeak ( at 7PM GMT to take part.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

There were a lot of choices last time so this time we’ll be reviewing those choices and looking over what we’ve done since then. Plus of course if we have time after this will be followed by more Secret Palatine.


Week One

  • Max and Jonny setup with recording software
  • Three hours of Stronghold HD recording

Week Two

  • Solarium servers cluster setup and online
  • All game servers + TS moved to solarium cluster

Week Three

  • TSA Cloud moved to Solarium cluster
  • Backup system online for all servers syncing at 3AM
  • Started switch to new video editing software: OpenShot

Week Four

  • Formalised chosen tools AKA The Tools We Use
  • Testing Mumble server online plus posted.
  • Posted about this meeting :stuck_out_tongue:


This relates directly to the agenda items from last month.

Choosing A Path

  • Doing things at 3PM on Saturday
  • Scheduling through Riot.IM + 3PM time

Path: Servers

  • Mumble server is online, we are proceeding with planned Teamspeak shutdown (Month zero: discuss switch over, Month one: Mumble online, Month two: Mumble switch announced on Teamspeak, Month three: Teamspeak shutdown)
  • The new TSA Solarium cluster is online (makes things easier for me to deploy)
  • Proceeding with switch of forums to Solarium cluster for the long term.

Path: Recording

  • OBS works for recording (But switch to mkv format in case of crash)
  • Lets try and record things with a set start and end like MC adventure maps
  • Blender has a very steep learning curve, lets try OpenShot instead

Path: Streaming

  • Still need to work out streaming

Path: Tools

  • Use Riot.IM
  • Use TSA Cloud
  • Try Mumble

Actual Agenda!

Server info and rules rewrite for Mumble

  • What should we change?
  • How can we make the info for new users more useful?
  • Lets talk about avatars…

Quotes… quotes… quotes…

  • Reading all our quotes (all 70+ of them)
  • Where can we use them?

Video/Audio Quality

  • How does it look?
  • How does it sound? (maybe need a few improvements there)

More may be added last minute… If you’d like to add anything to the agenda or have any questions just reply below