Community Meeting 11/10/15 - Website Update

This will be quite a large community meeting so I’ve split the agenda into multiple parts. It will be happening at 7PM GMT on this Sunday (11/10/15). This meeting has been delayed one week due to lack of attendants.

I’m aware that some people might not be able to make this meeting delayed meeting but we are unlikely to postpone it anymore, we may discuss some of this at the next community meeting to catch up those who missed it.

The Website Update

  • The Website Update - What do you think? Can anything be improved? Do you prefer the new website to the old one?
  • The Shoutbox - Do we need a better online chat area (like XMPP) or will the current shoutbox in addition to the forum be ok?
  • Website Colour and Logos - Any better ideas for logos? Would you prefer the current site layout in a lighter theme?

Teamspeak Bot

  • New Temp Channel System - Do you like it? How can it be improved? Should the legacy system be kept?
  • New Staff Commands - Do they work? Improvements?
  • Future Ideas - Banning system improvements. User and staff commands.

Community Servers

  • Servers - What permanent servers should we run? Should they be public, or just for members of this community or both?


  • Current Editors/Recorders - @Dmacd98 and @SentinelX101
  • Multi-Person Recording Opportunities - What games work best with two perspectives?

Our Monthly Meetings

  • State of the Meetings - Are they working well? Do we need to change the day?
  • Taking Minutes - Audio vs Text.

State of the Community

  • The Graveyard Forum - What can we do to have the website used more? Should the website even be anything more than an announcements board?
  • Teamspeak - What will get more people interested in joining?


  • Common Communication Method - Email, SMS, XMPP, In Person. What works best for everyone?
  • Android App - What should it’s main purpose be?
  • Post Meeting Poker (AKA Tabletop Sim Night) - Both to encourage more people to attend the meeting, let people catch up with each other and for fun should we have a Tabletop Sim Night directly after the meeting? Should we also stream this in case the meetings get so big that not everyone can join one Tabletop Sim Server?
  • Trolls and Rules - AKA Trolls and discussing avatars.

Got anything else that you want to discuss at the meeting, post it as a reply to this topic.