Community Meeting 3/5/15

Here we go hopefully back into the normal schedule of stuff, emphasis on hopefully. This is the standard premeeting post one week in advance alerting people that we will be having a community meeting at the usual time on the usual first Sunday of the month date (3rd May 2015 - 7PM GMT).
Current Meeting Agenda:

  • Shoutbox Back!
  • Frequently Asked Questions section finished.
  • A well needed talk on the number of staff, expanding staff as we go
    forward and the distribution of staff.
  • Review of how the new rules have been working.
  • Advertising Zoreg modpack + releasy things + things.
  • Getting some proper recording schedules (AKA three things in life are
    certain: death, taxes and us not doing any recording :stuck_out_tongue: ).
  • TSA Music.

As usual post anything you would like added to the agenda below.

Is there some kind of minutes of the meeting so I can see? Just wondering:) I should be on a lot more regularly this time next month, hope to see you then!

I will try to type up some quick minutes from my notes in the future. You didn’t miss too much this time though, some discussion on the layout of staff and a review of how the new rules are working were the main things.