Community Meeting (3/6/17 - 4/6/17) - Taking to the Stars...Made!

Starmade Game Night - Saturday

This weekend by popular demand The Sentinel Alliance are taking to the stars in an old favorite: StarMade. It’s like Minecraft in space… sort of… there are space ships, you can build things, you’ll love it.

This full version is free on Steam so there’s not excuse not to join in.

Server will be up some time on saturday soon™. More info to follow.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

Mostly planning this time, planned events for the rest of the holidays.

  • Planning holiday events and servers.
  • Moving to Mumble - Info, date, etc

I regret to inform you I shan’t be able to attend this evening – Due to my mouse dying and thus having no appropriate way of joining in.
I also have to say that I cannot make the Sunday meeting either unfortunately… :confused: – as I am needed at a Quidditch Social [the last meal saying good bye to graduating students, etc].
Have a good time guys, I’ll be back soon! xx
C4 Out :wink: