Community Meeting (4/6/16 to 5/6/16) - Battlestar Galactica + Zoreg Open Beta

Welcome everyone back to the randomly disappearing and then quickly reappearing magical community meetings.

Battlestar Galactica Night - Saturday 7PM GMT

This game night we will be playing Battlestar Galactica the Boardgame for 3-6 players. Ever wondered what would happen if The Sentinel Alliance were in command of the Battlestar Galactica, the last hope for the survival of humanity on the quest to find a new home? Now you can find out.

As always we will be up in the game night room on the Teamspeak, join us, all are welcome. You will need Tabletop Sim and the Battlestar Galactica mod to play.

Community Server Meeting/Zoreg Open Beta - Sunday 8PM GMT

This community meeting will be lining up with and be heavily discussing the new Lost Kingdom Zoreg modpack which goes into open beta on Sunday.

The Lost Kingdom of Zoreg

The Lost Kingdom of Zoreg modpack is a PvP and survival oriented experience, for long time TSA members think back to the times of HcPvP server (where we build the first TSA tower and defended it) just plus mods with a medieval theme. I will soon make a forum post explaining how to install it.

It includes around 50 very stable and carefully chosen mods, including features such as real moving tornadoes, factions system (the one we know and love), a vast array of food with a hunger overhaul which makes starvation a threat, lots of new mobs, dual wielding combat with shields and much more.

Join us on Sunday for the start of the open beta of the modpack.

Meeting Agenda

Anyway Zoreg will be a big part of it but here is the full meeting agenda. If you’d like anything added to the agenda please post it below.

  • Lost Kingdom of Zoreg - Gameplay
  • Lost Kingdom of Zoreg - Mods
  • Lost Kingdom of Zoreg - Plugins
  • Lost Kingdom of Zoreg - Staff
  • Lost Kingdom of Zoreg - Advertising
  • YouTube Recording - OBS, other editors, university, etc
  • Steaming - Twitch, YouTube Gaming.

A reminder that those who can only make it to one night we will likely be doing some meeting stuff on the game night and some game stuff on the meeting night. Prioritise the meeting but you don’t need to attend both to still get involved as always.

I’m working til 9 tonight, will be on then though

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