Community Meeting (5/3/16 to 6/3/16) - A Tale of DDOSers + Secret Palpatine

For all those who are interested in learning about why the Teamspeak server has been going down quite a bit, this meeting will explain most of what we know so far.

This “Tale of DDOSers” meeting marks the start of us uniquely naming each meeting based on its main theme. This meeting will be focusing on the DDOS attacks we have been receiving recently and a few other things listed below.

Following on from the previous format change this meeting will be in two parts with a game night on Saturday and the actual meeting on Sunday.

Tabletop Deathstar Night - Saturday 7PM GMT

Secret Hitler is a game of deception involving two apposing teams of fascists and liberals as well as one Hitler by the creators of Cards Against Humanity. The Tabletop Sim version supports up to 8 players.

Since the Secret Hitler that we played last time went so well this game night we will be playing the Secret Hitler Star Wars varient Secret Palpatine and I assure you, it is not a trap :smiling_imp:. As we did before this will be played on Tabletop Sim and people are welcome to reserve a place here before hand.

You need to download this mod for Tabletop Sim to play:

Community DDOS Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

This meeting will as I said be focusing on the attacks and the Teamspeak channel design. If you’d like to add something to the agenda below just respond to this post.

  • Everything we know about the DDOS attacks
  • Who the attackers are
  • Stopping the DDOS attacks
  • Funding
  • New channel layout
  • Staff discussions
  • Temporary channel system
  • The usefulness of the Approved Guest rank
  • Tabletop Sim/Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons
  • Smooth Jazz room (Music bots)

For those who can only make it two one night we will likely be doing some meeting stuff on the game night and some Secret Palpatine stuff on the meeting night. Prioritise the meeting but you don’t need to attend both to still get involved.