Community Meeting (6/11/16) - The Important One

This is a very important meeting, it will both be the first in several months and the only remaining meeting available before the 6th anniversary of The Sentinel Alliance.

As an attempt to get more people involved we’re going to be trialing running the community meetings on something called Jitsi Meet instead of Teamspeak. The meeting will however still be held at the same time as usual 7PM on Sunday.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

If you have any suggestions you’d like added to the meeting agenda or questions just reply below.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is open source video conferencing software that runs entirely within the browser, utilising WebRTC technology (the same thing Google Hangouts uses).

To join our Jitsi Meet conference all you need is a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox, Chrome will work best), an internet connection and the room link (which I’ve posted below). Just click the link, allow webcam/mic access and you’re in.

(Link Removed Post Meeting)

With this system the minimum you need to join in with one of our community meetings is a phone (something we all have) with a wi-fi connection (something that should be easy to get, especially with the previlance of free wi-fi including EduRoam for those of us at university). Jitsi meet should in the future also allow us to more easily record/stream community meetings for those who can’t make it.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Moving away from Teamspeak. Alternatives - Mumble (1.3.0 screenshot), Jitsi Meet, Discord,, etc
  2. Lets all learn to use the website email system.
  3. Alerting people MK6.9 - Email, Facebook, Apps.
  4. Minecraft Zoreg Server - Closed Beta, Open Beta, Release
  5. Intro Page Ideas - Short introduction, Traits: Privacy-oriented, Stable, Servers, VOIP, Europe-based etc…
  6. Video chatting - Should we?, Youtube/D&D facecams, How many people have webcams?, Jitsi Meet.
  7. Twitch Streaming - Multiple streams on different services, stream quality
  8. Staff Checkup @prudamish, @DERPdelSCORCHO
  9. TSA anniversary coming up - 28th November
  10. Longterm Modded Servers
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I’m in!
See ya all therererererer :wink: