Community Meeting (6/8/16 to 7/8/16) - Exploding Kittens

Community weekends will as usual be taking place on the Teamspeak server (, starting with a game night the first day and the meeting on the second.

Exploding Kittens Night - Saturday 7PM BST
Exploding Kittens, a game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams! and sometimes goats. Thank you for suggesting it @DERPdelSCORCHO.

I’m not sure what else there is to say. Get Tabletop Sim. Get this mod. Play Exploding Kittens with us.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM BST

If you have any suggestions you’d like added to the meeting agenda just reply below.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Moving away from Teamspeak. Alternatives - Mumble (1.3.0 screenshot), Discord,, etc
  2. Lets all learn to use the website email system (except @prudamish who is the pride of the email system users).
  3. Alerting people MK2 - Email, Facebook, Apps.
  4. Minecraft Zoreg Server - Closed Beta, Open Beta, Release
  5. Project Expeditious Tiger - Recruiting, Ideas, etc…
  6. Intro Page Ideas - Short introduction, Traits: Privacy-oriented, Stable, Servers, VOIP, Europe-based etc…

A reminder that those who can only make it to one night we will likely be doing some meeting stuff on the game night and some game stuff on the meeting night. Prioritise the meeting but you don’t need to attend both to still get involved as always.