Community Meeting 7/6/15

Standard monthly community meeting will be happening at the usual time 7PM on this Sunday, this will likely be a fairly short one.

Current Meeting Agenda:

  • Teamspeak Crash
  • Talking about the bot/ideas
  • Android app ideas
  • Event week ideas/talking about the current event week (Soulstorm!)
  • Anti-troll measures
  • D&D

If you have anything that you would like added to the agenda, post it below.

– Cinimon Count 13 –

Community Meeting - be aware of the things
Bot Ideas - None
Android - None
Event week - Terraria, Arma, DayZ, Minecraft (Project Babylon Simple), Hunger Games (Minecraft), Zombie Week (Survival), Garry’s Mod
D&D - Tabletop
Civ 5 -
Hitlerally Liter