Community Meeting (9/4/16 to 10/4/16) - Servers + Pokemon

Here we go, the delayed community meeting post for this weekend.

Pokemon Master Trainer Night - Saturday 8PM GMT

This time we’re playing the Pokemon Master Trainer board game on Tabletop Sim. Join us, because you know you’ve gotta catch em all: pokemon! We may also play a little bit of Secret Hitler depending on how many people we have and how the pokemon game goes.

You need to download this mod for Tabletop Sim to play:

Community Server Meeting - Sunday 7PM GMT

I’ll be adding the meeting agenda to this post later. If you’d like to add something to the agenda before hand just respond to this post below.

  • Servers - Holiday minecraft, current servers, etc
  • Community game nights
  • The Lost Kingdom of Zoreg modpack - Mods, beta, website and advertising
  • Public channels
  • Community opinion
  • Attendance of community meetings
  • D&D - Schedule, interest and duration

A reminder that those who can only make it to one night we will likely be doing some meeting stuff on the game night and some game stuff on the meeting night. Prioritise the meeting but you don’t need to attend both to still get involved as always.