Community Meeting (Postponed) - Stuff and Things

As promised, both stuff and things shall be talked about. Just like always this will be taking place on the Teamspeak server (, no community game night this time, just a meeting on Sunday.

We will only be having the community meeting this time, no game night. Some of us (maybe including myself, maybe™) may still be around on saturday though.

Community Meeting - Sunday 7PM BST

If you have any suggestions you’d like added to the meeting agenda just reply below.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Moving away from Teamspeak. Alternatives - Mumble (1.3.0 screenshot), Discord,, etc
  2. Lets all learn to use the website email system AGAIN (except @prudamish who is the pride of the email system users).
  3. Alerting people MK3.9 - Email, Facebook, Apps.
  4. Minecraft Zoreg Server - Closed Beta, Open Beta, Release
  5. Intro Page Ideas - Short introduction, Traits: Privacy-oriented, Stable, Servers, VOIP, Europe-based etc…
  6. Video chatting - Should we?, Youtube/D&D facecams, How many people have webcams?, Community Meetings here
  7. Twitch Streaming - Multiple streams on different services, stream quality
  8. Moderators/Mod Discussion - @prudamish, @DERPdelSCORCHO
  9. TSA anniversary coming up - 28th November - WE NEED EVERYONE!

Try to turn up people, though I reserve the right to move this meeting back a week if people don’t.

As I work till 9pm on Sundays I may not be able to attend unfortunately, though there is a chance that I won’t be working as late as usual.
Furthermore if there is anything that needs to be discussed with me beforehand (or after) please contact me ASAP and I will see if I can make up the time.

Hope to talk to you all soon

Unfortunately I have just arrived in Londinium, and will not be able to attend due to the smog, which does not allow me to see more than 3 centimetres in front of me :frowning:

Chance of me being there is <30%
It shall be the day that I get to my Uni and the partying/freshers week starts straight away, as far as I’m currently aware.
I’m’a try to be present, but don’t wait up for me :wink:

Ok with all of this in mind I’m postponing this meeting until everyone is better settled into uni/we can find a time people can actually attend.

Though not exactly the answers I was looking for, the within 24 hours response to a post like this is exactly what we need more of. Thank you @prudamish, @JonnyCoad and @c4192857.

Can I also remind everyone that there’s a new ‘Watching First Post’ setting on the forum:

Never check the forum manually, just put every category on ‘Watching’ and have an email app on your phone, you will get an email 10 minutes after a new post is made by anyone. Alternatively if you already tried this and felt there were too many emails just put the ‘Announcements’ category on ‘Watching First Post’ to get alerted only of important stuff like this.

well I’m free tonight now so yeah

If you and Max are around a little later at 8PM then I think it’s sensible that we do the “Moderators/Mod Discussion - @prudamish, @DERPdelSCORCHO” from the meeting agenda today then instead of another time, since that is a more time sensitive issue.

Having as many other staff as we can for that would be preferable also @Hexy and @XMB may be around, so that should be good.

EDIT: Actually lets just do it right now…