Community Meeting Postponed until 8/03/15

The monthly community meeting for March will take play on the second Sunday of this month (8/03/15) instead of the first at the usual time of 7PM GMT. All other monthly community meetings will be at normal times and dates, this change of date is so that I can finish up my work on the Teamspeak bot, Project Babylon server issues and the new rules.

Current Meeting Agenda:

  • Teamspeak bot
  • New rules
  • Discussing better alert systems (android apps)
  • Changing community motto (possible poll)
  • Discussing the Marshmallow server (pvp, games, spawn, ect)
  • Discussing the Project Babylon server (non-pvp, protection, spawn,
  • Dynamic teamspeak banners
  • Forum changes (like system, coloured names, FAQ)
  • Staff Room (purpose, bot access, etc)
  • TSA Recording

As usual post any topics you would like added to the agenda below.

goodie good… i’l be there (: