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Username: Bass_Vox

i helped HEXY with his original castle and i will once more assist him :saluting_face:

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Modpack Update - Release 4

Fantastic Furniture & Building Blocks

This update is focused around building, so builders don’t miss this update! Thousands of new blocks and decorations are added by some excellent mods that will let us build intricate detail into all of the grand structures we’re aiming to make.


Chipped adds thousands of new block variations for building which can be created at new workstations: Botanist Workbench, Glassblower, Carpenters Table, Loom Table, Mason Table, Alchemy Bench, Tinkering Table. One of the best available mods of this type for builders, bringing blocks from detailed stained glass to industrial factory decor.


Handcrafted adds more than 150 new pieces of meticulously designed furniture, and decorations in a range of different styles. Every build can benefit from a few pieces from this mod for a beautiful cosy look.


Measurements adds the tape ruler item which can be used to precisely measure spaces, an invaluable tool for builders.


Chipped, Handcrafted, Measurements

Ars Noveau, Bookshelf, Canary, Collective, CoroUtil, Create Power Loader, Cupboard, Curios API, Embeddium, Enchantment Descriptions, Item Borders, Item Highlights, Jade, Just Enough Breeding, Kotlin, MidnightLib, ModernFix, Moonlight Lib, Oculus, Ping Wheel, Resourceful Lib, Snow Under Trees, Sound Physics Remastered, Supplementaries, Villager Names

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Modpack Update - Release 4.1

Minor patch and utility release

Effortless Building

Adds many more tools for easier building such as block mirroring, various shaped block placements (circle, cube, cylinder, sphere), automatic block randomisation. All avalible by pressing ALT. Some funtionality is already present in the other mods but there is enough new funtionality that I think it’s worth adding. See videos below to learn how to use this mod:

Other Tutorial Videos

Build Modes Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLwh-SA8gOQ
Build Modes Circles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1D38C_nL_Y
Build Modifiers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZjJhdPeVZI
Randomizer Bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APWEmAKB58o
Modpage link for more info: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/effortless-building

Tool Belt

Adds a belt which lets you keep all of our main tools in one inventory slot and switch between them with a hotkey.

Camera Mod

Adds actual funtioning cameras with filters into Minecraft, contribute to an in game gallery with your pictures.

Scarecrows’ Territory

Adds scarecrows which can be placed in chunkloaded blocks to allow mobs to keep on spawning even without players present, allowing fully automated mob farms.


Scarecrows’ Territory, Tool Belt, Effortless Building, Eccentric Tome, ItemBlocker, Camera Mod, Immediately Fast (performance)

Entity Model Features, Entity Texture Features, Collective, CoroUtils, Creative Core, Moonlight Lib, Sophisticated Backpacks, Sophisticated Core, What Are They Up To

Additional Changes:
Phantom Membrane now craftable see JEI, Removed buggy createdeco:zincsheets, Disabled some teleport items which are not allowed as per server rules (the railway must grow)

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Username: LactoseMafia

I’d like to be more useful this time… Still shit at this game but I’ll try my best c:

Biome Build Tech Tree

Announcing the TSA Horizon tech tree, as we finish biome builds we will unlock new technologies and move our world into a new age! Below are the current planned ages with the number of biome builds required to be completed to advance into them, the exact mods added at each age won’t be revealed but many can be worked out based on the below teaser images:

Tech tree subject to change depending on future testing. A build is only considering completed once it has been fully hooked up to the train including logistics links and has been finished to a level considered suitable by the biome build committee.

2 - Creation Evolved

A new age of Create focused on the expansion of our electrical networks going far beyond just rotational power, into a world of harnessed power through enchantments, powered crafting, and early nuclear power generation.

5 - Advanced Pressurisation

Pressurisation beyond anything possible before with sometimes disastrously explosive results, great advancements can come from this if we can only control the unwieldy power of pressure.

7 - Maritime Modernisation

The technology to build vastly larger modern ships to navigate the oceans safely both piloted by captains as well as automated systems.


< Imagine an image of a large modern container ship navigating the vast ocean between continents with a Wackatak at the helm and a TSA crew manning the rest of the bridge here. Real image to be added pending shader compatiblity fix for this mod being updated. >

9 - The Modern Age

Enabled by intercontinental maritime shipping and built upon previous advances in electricity and pressurisation comes the modern age. Vast improvements in processing along with the discovery of previously unknown metallurgical substances, with new compact factories & tools far exceeding those we had before.

10 - Dawn of Dark Magic

An ancient threat that was thought to have been contained over 3 servers ago is slowly returning, this is only the beginning but will it lead to future destruction on a scale never seen before?

13 - The Space Age

Planets we could previously only see in the night sky are no longer out of reach, we can get there and explore these new worlds thanks to our new rocket technology.

16 - Inter Dimensional Travel

At last we’ve gathered the technology to explore new dimensions, and are set to return on a nostalgic journey back to the Aether!

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Modpack Update - Release 5

With our first 2 grand biome builds complete our world moves forward into a new level of technology with a large Create tech update: Creation Evolved!

Create New Age

A new age of Create focused on the expansion of our electrical networks going far beyond just rotational power, into a world of harnessed power through enchantments, powered crafting, and early nuclear power generation.

Create Enchantment Industry

Allowing us to make full powerful use of all of the experience we’ve been stocking up. Transforming our stockpiles into vast tanks of liquid experience and make use them for powerful automated item enchanting for all.

Create Central Kitchen

Anouther cooking addition for Create with even better support for Farmer’s Delight and many other improved recipes and mechanisms for better cooking.

Create Recycle Everything

A mod that will let us recycle many unused items and recover some resources, no longer will things need to be left to clutter up chests, instead it can all be melted down to go to fueling the factory.


Create New Age, Create Enchantment Industry, Create Recycle Everything, Create Central Kitchen, Packet Fixer, KubeJS Additions, KubeJS Ars Noveau, KubeJS Create, Fast Async World Save

EMF, MTF, Advanced Peripheraals, Ambient Sounds 5, Ars Noveau, Block Runner, Canary, CC Tweaked, Create Deco, Create Design n Decor, Create Power Loader, Creative Core, Curios API, Customisable Player Models, Enchantment Descriptions, Falling Tree, Farmers Delight, Fusion, GeckoLib, Kiwi, KubeJS, Mcaw’s Fences, Macaws Furniture, MmmMmmMmmMmm, ModernFix, Moonlight Lib, Not Enough Animations, Puzzles Lib, Resourceful Config, Snow Real Magic, Supplementaries, ViveCraft Compat, Macaws Paths and Pavings, Better Chunk Loading, YUNGs Better End Island

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Modpack Update - Release 5.1

This is the 2nd part of the reward for us reaching 2 biome builds completed, lets keep on track to build the others!

It includes some significant updates of some of the backend mods which will hopefully bring fixes for various issues (or cause more issues, we will see) and of course the much awaited oil mod plus an initial simple defense turret mod. Please report any performance issues or new bugs.

Unfortunately I’ve had to remove the VR mod ViveCraft and Immersive Melodies for now since they’re not compatible with the latest update, but fear not they will be returning as soon as they’ve been updated.

Create Diesel Generators

Become an oil baron with this technology which adds secret oil reserves in some chunks waiting to be discovered and pumped out with pumpjacks! Along with oil refining, modular diesel generators, and many more oil related things to advance our world.

Create Guardian Beam Defense

A first move towards the weaponisation of some of our technoloy into a simple beam defense turret to hold the mobs at bay at the borders of our expanding empire. Will this lead to further weaponry advancements down the line, and will we need them?


Create Diesel Generators, Create Guardian Beam Defense, Oculus Flywheel Compat Fix

Embeddium, Oculus, TextTrue’s Embeddium Options, ETF, Advanced Peripherals, Architetury API, Better Chunk Loading, Bookshelf, Botarium, Canary, CC Tweaked, Chipped, Citadel, Comforts, Create Central Kitchen, Create Crafts & Additions, Create New Age, Create Power Loader, Cupboard, Curios API, CPM, GeckoLib, ImmediatelyFast, In Control, JEI, KubeJS, Macaws Roofs, ModernFix, Moonlight Lib, Observable, Octolib, Puzzles Lib, Redirector, Relics, Resourceful Lib, Small Ships, Sophisticated Backpacks, Sophisticated Core, Supplementaries, YUNG’s API, Mandala’s GUI, Better FPS Render Distance, Default Settings, Placebo, Supplementaries

ViveCraft, ViveCraft Compat, Immersive Melodies, Iris & Oculus Flywheel Compat

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Modpack Update - Release 5.2

Reverts some mods which might be causing server performance issues.

username: clebbin

I come as a tourist to see the great works of the engineers. this is all.

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