[Community] Minecraft: TSA Horizon Server

TSA Horizon Server

A brand new modpack on the very latest Minecraft version 1.20, building upon advancements in our previous modpack with new even better texture packs, shaders, and 3D enviromental sound, while mantaining very good performance. It is our best looking server so far with a focus on big collaborative building projects and having something for everyone while in a light form.

Server release: 8th Dec - 8PM

Server Goal - Build In Every Biome Challenge

Unlike most of our other servers which have been more sandbox and freeform for this one we’ve chosen to make the goal of the server to focus on large collaborative builds in every vanilla overworld biome. Everything should be focused on this goal, railways will bring the builders & resources needed to these grand builds, factories will automate the construction of building materials, wizards can help bring a touch of magic to every build.

These can all be changed and are not set in stone, we can freely switch the building project as we play depending on what works best as long as we still build a collaborative structure in every biome.

Biomes Builds Chosen:

  • Mountains: The Village :mount_fuji: - Our shared village
  • Ocean: Underwater City of the Future :ocean: - Bioshock with a touch of Gungan style
  • Cherry Grove: Traditional Zen Temple :cherry_blossom: - A place of peace and healing
  • Plains: The Castle :ear_of_rice: - A huge castle
  • Swamp: Mystical Witch Town on Stilts :woman_mage: - A haven of magic
  • Forest: Large Fortified Watchtower :evergreen_tree: - In an empire Age of Reckoning style
  • Dark Forest: Small Elven Tree :deciduous_tree: - A light in the darkness
  • Jungle: Ewok Treehouse :leaves: - The place high above where Ewok’s Hunt
  • Taiga: Viking Longhouse :rock: - A tribute to Valheim
  • Snowy Taiga: Snowy Fortress :snowflake: - Snowed in but cozy
  • Desert: Half Buried Ancient City :hourglass_flowing_sand: - A place lost to time
  • Badlands: The Saloon :tumbler_glass: - A meticulously styled place of meeting and revelry
  • Savanna: Rift Valley with a thriving cliff city :giraffe: - Looking down upon a safari
  • (Bonus) Caves: Dwarven Mine :pick: - They dug too deep
  • (Bonus) Mushroom Island: TSA Tower :classical_building: - A nostalgic place with a room for everyone
  • (Bonus) Nether Biomes: The Nine Circles of Hell :fire: - The train must speed through this place

Rules & Notes

  • Stay Together - Seperate per player houses are allowed and encouraged, but keep those main houses together in a small village and don’t stray too far from others
  • Work on Biome Builds Together - The main biome builds shouldn’t be attempted alone, they’re grand constructions which should involve all of us
  • No Teleportation - No long distance teleportation is allowed, paths and trains will be crucial to allow travel.
  • Vanilla Maps Only - Discovery is a big part of this server, so no minimaps or world maps are enabled or allowed. Vanilla maps and map walls along with road signs should be used for navigation in the vast new world.

Mod List

This is a small and focused modpack but regardless has something for everyone. Create is the focus of this modpack with its new trains and beautifully themed technology, for magic there is also the Ars Noveau mod in all of its updated glory, along with many tools/decorations for builders which will make it possible to create our grandest builds.

Subject to change prior to relase, and will be expanded upon reguarly in future modpack releases.

Full Mod List

This server has the [Community] tag, this means that this is a private server intended for known community members. Unfortunately we’re not accepting whitelist applications from new people unless someone else can vouch for you.

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So to summarize the main points about the new TSA Horizon modded Minecraft server!

  1. Focused around the server goal of making a huge collaborative build in every biome which will leave a lasting legacy! Exploration, factories, railways, logistics, and magic can all contribute to this in one way or anouther.
  2. A lightweight modpack with Create (on the tech side) and Ars Nouveau (on the magic side), as well as incredibly beautiful new shaders & textures.
  3. Real early game exploration! No teleportation, vanilla maps only, cutting our own paths and railways into the landscape will be essential.
  4. For the main base we’ll be aiming to all have our own seperate houses but all clustered together in a small TSA village.
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To be whitelisted on the server please read the rules and then submit a whitelist request.

No pressure, these are mostly intended to just build some hype and start everyone thinking about what they want to do. For this one please say what you’d like to build in the main village (factory, structures, etc), and/or which collaborative biome build you’re most looking forward to!

Example Whitelist Request

Username: SentinelX101

I’m hoping to build the first train refueling station (Create Charcoal Factory) in the main village, and all of the biome builds look good but I’m most looking forward to the nostalgic TSA Tower build if we manage to find a mushroom island in the late game


Early Access Preview Server

TSA Horizon Preview server online now and available for this week only (EXTENDED - might be available for a little longer)!

This is a basic peaceful adventure mode only version of the server and a chance for everyone to preload the modpack, check for bugs, get a look at the amazing new shaders/texture pack, and adjust graphics settings perfectly ahead of the actual launch on the 8th Dec. It also supports VR so feel free to have a play with that!


Everyone from the TSA Zodiac whitelist has been added to this one, but you still need to get your whitelist requests in for the actual server!


This preview server will give you an accurate idea of performance, and allow you to adjust settings ready for the real server. Singleplayer is not accurate as it roughly doubles the performance requirements, so adjust settings to fit this server not singleplayer.

Follow the guides below to adjust settings and get the best performance, and if you’re still having any problems afterwards then contact me and I can invesigate the cause of the lag. This modpack should have very good performance on almost all PCs.

Adjust Memory Settings (in CurseForge launcher):
As always assigning the correct amount of system memory to Minecraft is one of the most important things to do, even while this is one of our lightest modpacks in terms of memory usage. Don’t assign too little or too much memory.


To adjust memory go to the CurseForge launcher and click the cog at the bottom right, then under game specific select Minecraft. At the bottom of this page there will be a slider to adjust memory usage in MB:

  • For computers with 8GB of system memory assigning 4GB (4096) to Minecraft is recommended.
  • For computers with 16GB of system memory assigning 8GB (8192) to Minecraft is recommended.
  • For computers with 32GB of system memory assigning 12GB (12288) to Minecraft is recommended.

Initially or upon encountering lag always keep an eye on the memory usage shown both on your computer in task manager, and in game by pressing F3 then looking at the top right. Adjust accordingly if either your computer or Minecraft is running out of system memory.

Adjust Shader Settings (in game):
Shaders are by far the most intensive part of this modpack until we get towards building some of the bigger bases, so that should be adjusted first and will yield the largest FPS gains.

Once you’ve joined the server press F3 to bring up the FPS count, then in the escape menu go to Options > Video Settings > Shader Packs > Shader Pack Settings, then click the Profile to adjust performance. By default the shader pack is set on High, if you’re experiencing any FPS drops then adjust this setting down. The lowest shader settings is Potato which still has some very impressive shaders but with much higher FPS.


If you have CurseForge downloaded already then just click here to install the modpack or in the launcher search for TSA Horizon, otherwise download and install the launcher from here

Once installed simple adjust the memory settings as above, launch it, and join the already added server under the multiplayer tab!


This modpack supports VR through the excellent Vivecraft mod and has it fully integrated by default, to use VR simply plug in your headset, launch SteamVR as normal, then launch the Minecraft modpack, put on your headset and click the VR option in the main menu to immediately enter VR. Press this again to turn it off and revert to the normal mode.


Username: prudamish

I’d like to work on create, making steam engines and such to assist with the resource production.


Username: XMB

I’d like to expand the factories for the good of the company


Username: JonnyCoad

My Three Tasks:

Task One: To get stuck into a new version of Create and make a giant unsightly open pit mine, excavated by machines and with three different levels to reflect the newer ore generation. All cobble will be stored and used for processes (no cobble generators - only dig). I expect to build up a vast amount of disused rail and conveyors and old machines to flesh it out.

Bingham Canyon Mine - Utah

Me and The Boys gathering Copper - (De Re Metallica - Agricola)

Task Two: Make a lovely landscaped farm-to-table agricultural revolution style mill and brewery with well-planned and lovely jolly aesthetic separate food production stores and buildings. Hopefully bringing together both Farmers Delight and Create.

The Old Flour Mill - F Sheppard

Me and The Boys after brewing some particularly disgusting ale - Unknown Source

Task Three: Do heinous crimes against the community and get imprisoned as is my duty.

Cheers and Gone,


Username: Olimander217

I intend to explore Create to get basic resources goin’ and then build a dingy witch swamp stilt town inspired loosely by New England and American Gothic architecture, mostly because it seems simple to build.

Maybe with some vibes of the crow fishers from mad max thrown in
I’ll of course have to spec into the magic mods or maybe some junky tech if possible (some computercraft if I think of something easy to do).
Maybe I’ll build some slightly funner stuff when I get bored, like giant mushrooms and frogs/toads

Anyway I can’t wait to acomplish none of this and do something totally pointless instead, or just watch DS9 instead.



Username: Kalula2133 (I think)

I want to be a wizard and spread raccoons irresponsibly. :raccoon:
I’ll dabble about, help out, and maybe banish XMB from the game with lightning again if the mood is right. :blush:


Username: H3XY

And I do believe I will attempt to recreate my biggest Minecraft project yet again and potentially finish all the rooms and houses in addition to the main castle…

I do hope we have a way of getting lots of resources without having to mine out an entire mountain side…

I’m going to have to try and get some external assistance from bass and possibly others :v::clown_face::sparkles:


Username: Wackatak

As with last server, Create Goblin with Cartographic Intentions.

I also intend to create the The Great Rift City of Almasi. This will take inspiration from a variety of sources, aiming to mix styles from real life cliff cities into the Savannah Landscape. Primarily in style of Cliff Palace in the USA.

It will take further influence from towns and cities such as such as:

Manarola (Italy)

Santorini (Greece):

Rocamadour (France)

There may be some attaempt at an Oasis Microclimate near the centre, where the city spread from. Taking influence from real Desert and Savannah MIcroclimates.

Create will then follow on naturally.

Cannot wait!

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Username: ScorchedGuy

I will probably wanna recreate some stuff from warhammer age of reckoning/ Total war Warhammer

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Modpack Update - Release 1.2

Hotfix for Create contraptions jumping around, new shader version, various other updates.

To update click on change version on the modpacks screen:

Then select the new release version and click continue (you don’t need to select “update to new profile” which will reset options):



  • Iris & Oculus Flywheel Compat


  • Forge, AdvancedPlaques, Ars Nouveau, AttributeFix, Balm, BetterChunkloading, Collective, CraftingTweaks, CreateAddtion, CreativeCore, Curios, Embedium, EnchantmentDescriptions, FallingTree, Geckolib, Gravestone, Highlighter, JadeAddons, KotlinForge, KubeJS, ModernFix, Moonlight, Netherportalfix, Patchouli, Placebo, Polymorph, PuzzlesLib, ResourcefulLib, Rhino, SnowRealMagic, SophisticatedBackpacks, SophisticatedCore, Soundphysics, Supermartin, Supplementaries, VillagerNames

Good day gentlemen.

username: joedann9

I wish to ACTUALLY start and finish a build, maybe explore create and what not!



Good day all and seasonal tidings.

Username: Jamesdijames

My objectives are twofold in uncovering the secrets of the arcane and create, with the ultimate objective of inventing the first magical windmill.

Resources and food gathered could then be used to assist in greater builds.


You’ve been whitelisted, welcome to our community!

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Thank you! Very excited to get involved!

Modpack Update - Release 2

Melodies, Plushies, and More, Oh my!

In the first major update (hopefully of many) we’ve added a good amount of new things to play with, see below for details and remember to update your modpacks by following the steps from the last update post.

Plushies & Straw Statues

A craftable amazingly detailed little plushies have been added by the Plushies mod, while the straw statues can be configured with any skin then setup in poses as needed to add a little more life to any builds!

Create Decor

A whole new range of factory decorations and building materials have been added by the below 3 new mods!

Create Deco:

Create Design n’ Decor:

Create Deco Casing:

Immersive Melodies

The Immersive Melodies mod adds several musical instruments which can play a range of midi files (including custom ones), as well as syncronising playing with several players or mobs! Best explained by the mod page’s video:

Simple Voice Chat

On an experimental basis we’ve added a voice chat to the server! For some very immersive decents into caves, and for the moments when we’re not all gathered on Teamspeak (which still takes priority). Full support is included for the 3d sound mod.

By default this mod is set on push to talk, with the push to talk key being CAPS LOCK

Remember to access the voice chat menu and settings by pressing V, where various things can be changed as well as being able to adjust the volume per player.

You can enable noise suppression, adjust microphone applification, test your microphone, and switch the activation type to automatic voice detection if you’d like.


Immersive Melodies, Plushie Mod, Straw Statues, Simple Voice Chat, Create Decoration Casing, Create Deco, Create: Design n’ Decor

CreativeCore, Embeddium, Iceberg, KubeJS, ModernFix, SophisticatedBackpacks, SophisticatedCore


Username: Benjester or kilrgingrninja

I wanted to be someone worker/helper/slave I’m probably not going to spend lots of time on the server or make lots of independent progress.
I would quite like to do some gardening/ landscaping bits cos I want to touch grass but in a videogame.

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Modpack Update - Release 3

Small Ships, Fancy Fish, and Delightful Food

Made possible only with the first dock having been built by @DelSCORCHO, the age of sail and exploration is now upon us, and with it comes the corpses of many fallen adventurers. Relics will reward those who venture out, but will we really succeed where those others have failed? Now is the time to find out as the server has reached a point where exploration is critical and the unknown lands must be charted to make way for the rail!

Small Ships, Fallen Adventurers, Relics

Small Ships adds many new ships to help us explore the ocean of our word and chart destinations to build the grand rail towards, and continue the grand biome builds.

Fallen adventurers adds the skeletal corpses of past adventurers, beware some may bring danger along with thier loot.

And Relics adds powerful artifacts to be discovered in uncharted lands.

Oceans’s Delight, Corn Delight, Nether’s Delight, Delightful

A huge new variety of both mundane and exotic new food is added by the Ocean’s Delight, Corn Delight, Nether’s Delight, and Delightful.

Create Slice & Dice, Create Power Loader, Rechiseled: Create

Create Slice & Dice adds the possibility of automation to many Farmer’s Delight meals where it was previously impossible.

Create Power Loader adds a new chunk loader which works with contraptions at a lower cost, for those willing to take on the task of capturing a ghast.

Rechisled: Create allows the automation of chisel recipes as a step towards mass automation for builder’s materials.


Small Ships, Oceans’s Delight, Corn Delight, Nether’s Delight, Delightful, Create Slice & Dice, Rechiseled: Create, Create: Power Loader, Double Doors Mod, What Are They Up To, Axes Are Weapons, Fallen Adventurers, Relics, Relics Alexs Compat, MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy)

Alex’s Mobs, Ars Nouveau, Bookshelf, Collective, Connectivity, CreativeCore, Curios API, FallingTree, Kotlin for Forge, Macaw’s Windows, Myserious Lib, Patchouli, Plushie’s Mod, Simple Voice Chat, Stack Refill, Supplementaries, Villager Names, JustEnoughBreeding, Jade