[Community] Modded Minecraft: TSA Agamemnon

TSA Agamemnon - An Impromptu Community Server

Server release Thursday the 14th!

An impromptu vanilla+ style 1.18 server, assembled in a week. There is lots to explore without having too many big mods or out of place mods to overcomplicate anything.

Main Mods

At launch there are over 100 mods in this modpack, but the focus is around closer to vanilla style mods like Little Logistics, Create and MineColonies.

Little Logistics, Create, Immersive Engineering, CC Tweaked

Botania, Mahou Tsukai, Druidcraft, Reliquary, Forbidden and Arcanus, Potion Master

Terralith, When Dungeons Arise, Alex’s Mobs, Creeper Overhaul

MineColonies, Additional Enchanted Miner, Grappling Hook, Storage Drawers, Farmer’s Delight

How to Install:

We’re using the CurseForge launcher for the modpack:

  1. Download and install the CurseForge launcher: https://download.curseforge.com/
  2. Select Minecraft
  3. Search the modpacks menu for “TSA Agamemnon”
  4. Install “TSA Agamemnon”

Modpack Update - Release 2

The big food (and Ars Nouveau magic) update!



  • Ars Nouveau, Farmer’s Respite, Honey Expansion, Corn Delight, Nether’s Delight, Create Confectionary, Sophisticated Backpacks, Create Stuff Additions, Create Chunkloading, Extreme Sound Muffler


  • Architectury API, Bookshelf, Botania, Clumps, Controlling, CraftTweaker, Create Crafts & Additions, Farsight, FastSuite, GeckoLib, Immersive Engineering, JourneyMap, Kiwi, Little Contraptions, Little Logistics, Macaws Fences & Walls, Macaws Roofs, Mahou Tsukai, MineColonies, Potions Master, Quark, Repurposed Structures, Scalable Cat’s Force, Structurize, Trash Cans, Wither Skeleton Tweaks, Forge