[Community] Modded Minecraft: TSA New World

TSA New World - Community Server

Server release Friday the 12th!

A brand new TSA modded Minecraft server, this time with a much larger modpack, and set after the events of TSA Gets Railed server:

With things quickly going downhill in the old lands we constructed an ark which would carry us to the uncorrupted far away. Setting sail we promptly found ourselves lost at sea and with no contact to the mainland, arriving at an unfamiliar shore with nothing but the ark, the will to corrupt a new world, and our trusty A1 Peppercorn steam locomotive…


There are over 178 mods in the modpack, here is a list of just a few core ones amongst many others:

Immersive Railroading, Thermal Locomotion, Small Ships, Simple Planes

Materials & Storage:
Tinker’s Construct, Refined Storage

Astral Sorcery, Blood Magic, Ars Nouveau, Eidolon, Botania

Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, PneumaticCraft, Create, Immersive Engineering

Late Game Tech:
Draconic Evolution, Woot, RFTools, Modular Powersuits, Advanced Rocketry (will be added after launch)

Full mod list: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/tsa-new-world/relations/dependencies

Download Link

Download the TSA New World modpack through the Curseforge client

Mod Gallery

Not sure what to start with? Then take a look at this gallery of pictures for some inspiration.

All mods pictured below are newly added and were not in the last modpack!

Vanilla Improvement Mods

Savage & Ravage, Upgrade Aquatic, Buzzier Bees, Better End, The Endergetic Expansion, YUNG’s Better Dungeons


Small Ships, Simple Planes


Astral Sorcery, Ars Nouveau, Blood Magic, Eidolon


Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, Draconic Evolution, Woot, RFTools


Journeymap & Mapfrontiers

Creature Mods

ChocoCraft, Alex’s Mobs

Screenshot from mob showcase: Alex's Mobs (Minecraft Mod Showcase | 1.16.5) - YouTube

Gameplay overhaul

Pollution of the Realms, Advanced Chimneys

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No computer craft? ;m;

Ores and Ore Locations

Full list of the ore biome locations which are generated by our custom Geolosys configs:

  • Lead and Silver (Galena) - PLAINS - SAVANNA
  • Copper (Malachite and Azurite) - SAVANNA
  • Zinc (Sphalerite) - FOREST
  • Aluminium (Bauxite) - JUNGLE
  • Lapis - JUNGLE
  • Uranium (Autunite) - MOUNTAIN
  • Iron (Hematite) - MOUNTAIN
  • Platinum - MOUNTAIN
  • Emerald (Beryl) - MOUNTAIN
  • Diamonds (Kimberlite) - SANDY - MUSHROOM
  • Quartz - SNOWY
  • Nickel (Limonite) - SWAMP
  • Tin and Emerald (Teallite and Emerald) - SWAMP
  • Redstone (Cinnabar) - OCEAN
  • Tin (Cassiterite) - OCEAN
  • Marble - FOREST, PLAINS
  • Aquamarine shale - OCEAN
  • Dimensional shard - END
  • Draconium ore - END
  • Fluorite - FOREST
  • Nether Cobalt - NETHER
  • Niter - SANDY
  • Oil Sands - SANDY
  • Osmium - FOREST
  • Rock Crystal - DRY
  • Salt - SANDY
  • Source gem ore - JUNGLE
  • Sulfer - SANDY
  • Apatite - PLAINS
  • Cinnabar Gems - OCEAN

Modpack Update - Release 3

Now including the space mod Space Boss Tools!

Modpack has been updated, don’t forget to update your modpack from the change version menu in the CurseForge launcher.



  • Updated Forge, Additional Enchanted Miner, Advanced Chimneys, Advanced Peripherals, AI Improvements, Ars Nouveau, Better Animations Collection, Blame, Botania, CodeChickenLib, Collective, Controlling, CraftTweaker, Create Crafts & Additions, Dungeon Crawl, Engineer’s Decor, ForgeEndertech, FTB Lib, GeckoLib, JustEnoughCalculation, Just Enough Items, Modular Powersuits, Performant, Polymorph, Refined Storage, Refined Storage Addons, Repurposed Structures, Simply Light, Supplementaries, Tinkers Construct


  • Added Space-BossTools (Galacticraft themed space mod), RFTools Builder/Shields, AntiGhost (Press HOME to resend nearby block data), NetherPortalFix, CarryOn (with whitelist of blocks that can be picked up), Mod Cloth Config API, Curio of Undying, Ensorcellation, Archer’s Paradox, Trash Cans, Torch Slabs, Scannable (ore/entity/etc scanner), Pick Up Notifier, Curious Armor Stands


  • Disabled Alex’s Bone Snakes
  • Increased login protection time
  • Removed memory warning
  • Increasd prospector’s pick range/depth from 5 to 30 blocks
  • Geolosys Changes: Decreased Kimberlite rarity, fixed emerald spawning, fixed uranium (previously) added nether uranium (previously), decreased stone deposit rarity, made uranium not drop yellorium for now, tweaked a few other ore configs
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New Goal:
I want a Racoon Platoon on the Moon.

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-#- Raccon Platoon on the Moon Update -#-

…incoming transmission…

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 12_20_21
The Wizards have arrived on the desolate moon.
[C4192857 + Kalula w/ Agamemnon V]

[Moonbrick with a launchpad area. This facility is not airtight, such tech does not exist yet]

[So trees and plants grow as normal… makes sense]

The Earth
[Including Moon pollution - because combustion also works as normal]

[Sky view of base, before returning to Earth]


Modpack Update - Release 4

Mostly a patch release but also some cooking and Refined Storage stuff…



  • Updated Forge, Advanced Chimneys, Advanced Peripherals, Archer’s Paradox, Architechture API, Ars Nouveau, AttributeFix, Bamboo Blocks, Beyond Earth (previously Space-Bosstools), Blood Magic, Botania, Buzzier Bees, CC: Tweaked, Cloth Config API, CodeChicken Lib, CoFH Core, Collective Lib, Construction Wand, CraftTweaker, Create, Create Crafts & Additions, CreateTweaker, Draconic Evolution, Enchantment Descriptions, Ensorcellation, Extra Boats, FastFurnace, FastWorkbench, Flywheel Lib, FTB Library, GeckoLib, Global Data- & Resourcepacks, Immersive Petroleum, InsaneLib, Iron Chests, JEITweaker, JEI, Kiwi, Macaw’s Bridges, Macaw’s Doors, Macaw’s Fences and Walls, Macaw’s Trapdoors, Macaw’s Windows, Mantle, McJtyLib, Numina, Performant, Placebo, PneumaticCraft, Pollution of the Realms, Polymorph, Progressive Bosses, Quark, Repurposed Structures, RFTools Base, RFTools Builder, RFTools Control, RFTools Dimensions, RFTools Power, RFTools Utility, Savage & Ravage, Scannable, Server Tab Info, Simply Light, Snow Real Magic, Supermartjn Core Lib, Supplementaries, Thermal Cultivation, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Foundation, Thermal Innovation, Thermal Locomotion, Tinker’s Construct, Toast Control, Trash Cans, Tree Harvester, Upgrade Aquatic


  • Added Cooking for Blockheads, Refined Cooking, Storage for ComputerCraft

Modpack Update - Release 5 - Hotfix

Emergency patch to resolve Refined Storage/Chunk Loaders world corruption…

On Tuesday 28th Dec we encountered a world corruption bug in the Chunk Loaders mod which deleted all Refined Storage disks in all disk drives in every chunkloaded area. Luckily this was an already reported known issue, so we were able to restore to a backup from the same day before the corruption and release this update to switch out the Chunk Loaders mod for the Chicken Chunks mod with too much troubleshooting.

All previous chunk loader blocks on the server will have disappeared since the mod was removed. You can request one of the replacement Chunk Loader blocks from me for every Ultimate Chunk Loader block lost or just craft them yourselves since they’re both cheaper and more powerful.



  • Chunk Loaders mod, ReAuth


  • Chicken Chunks


  • Architechtury API, Ars Nouveau, Beyond Earth, Carry On, CC: Tweaked, CraftTweaker, Create Chunkloading, Dungeon Crawl, Immersive Engineering, Immersive Petroleum, Mantle, Mekanism, Mekanism Additions, Mekanism Generators, Mekanism Tools, Modular Powersuits, Numina, Performant, Polymorph, RFTools Utility, Tinker’s Construct,

Modpack Update - Release 6

Something sweet and something sour…



  • Create Confectionary - Make a chocolate factory! Caramel, marshmallows, hot chocolate and sweets await!
  • Tool Belt - Save space on your hotbar and carry up to 9 tools which you can switch between in 1 slot
  • BPeripheral - More ComputerCraft stuff, this time real SQL databases in Minecraft!
  • Scaling Health - Difficulty scaling for mobs based on player rating
  • Enhanced Celestials - A chance of hellish blood moons (disabled for now, but don’t get complacent)


  • Architechtury API, Crash Utilities, JEITweaker, Supplementaries, Initial Inventory


  • Debugging tools, Memory warning

Modpack Update - Release 7

It’s unBEElievable…



  • The Bumblezone - A new dimension of bees to explore
  • Building Gadgets - A lot of very useful gadgets for builders
  • FastSuite - Caches recipe lookups to improve performance
  • Better Fps Render Distance - Changes player render distance to a radial pattern
  • Farsight - Chunk caching and render distance improvements
  • Better Compatibility Checker - Server compatibility check fixer
  • Get It Together Drops - Dropped item merging tweaks
  • Entity Culling Fabric/Forge - Secondary out of sight entity hider
  • Better Biome Blend - Biome blending algorithm improvements
  • Spawner Bug Fix - Spawner performance bug fix


  • Forge, Architectury API, Ars Nouveau, Bookshelf, CC Tweaked, Chicken Chunks, CodeChickenLib, Crafttweaker, Draconic Evolution, FindMe, Gauges and Switches, GeckoLib, InsaneLib, JustEnoughItems, McJtyLib, Mekanism, Performant, Pneumaticcraft, Polymorph, ProgressiveBosses, Refined Storage: Requestify, Reliquary, RFTools, Serene Seasons, Snow Real Magic, SuperMartijn Core Lib, Trash Cans, Valhelsia Core, Woot


  • Enhanced Celestials, Pick up notifier, RecipeBuffers

Modpack Update - Release 8

Better Beyond Earth compatibility, PneumaticCraft graphics update and more chunkloaders…



  • Beyond Earth: Giselle Addon - Modded fuel compatibility, MekaSuit compatibility, oxygen cans
  • Chunk Loaders - Old chunk loading mod that allows random ticks for use with farms only!


  • Additional Enchanted Miner, Advanced Peripherals, Blueprint, Botania, CoFH Core, Create Stuff Additions, Culinary Construct, Ensorcellation, GeckoLib, Get It Together Drops, Immersive Petroleum, Just Enough Items, Macaw’s Roofs, Performant, PneumaticCraft, Thermal Expanison

-#- Raccoon Platoon on the Moon Update -#-

… Incoming Transmission …

Captain’s Log, Stardate 01_20_22
Following the horrific update of the Space Boss Mod - requiring all devices to be remade, the raccoon sanctuary has been completed and populated. :3
Raccoon population is stable.
Proceeding to Martian deployment…

New Mobs have been added!

The New Raccoon Sanctuary

The Incredibly Safe Birch AirLock

Facility Created

Raccoon Population Booms

They are thankful ^^

First Lunar Kit <3

Turns out Raccoons don’t need oxygen to survive…

The Update did ravage the current structures as many blocks were removed…


Modpack Update - Release 9

Long term support release of the new world…

This release comes with a dynamic map of the world we explored together for some extra nostalgia: https://newworldmap.tsa.zone/




  • Forge, AppleSkin, Architectury, Ars Nouveau, Beyond Earth, Brandon’s Core, CC Tweaked, Chunk Loaders, Cloth Config, Clumps, CodeChicken Lib, COFH Core, Collective, CraftTweaker, Create Crafts & Additions, Draconic Evolution, Engineer’s Decor, Engineer’s Tools, Gauges and Switches, GeckoLib, Get It Together, Immersive Posts, JourneyMap, Just Enough Items, Macaw’s Bridges, Macaw’s Doors, Macaw’s Fences, Macaw’s Roofs, Macaw’s Trapdoors, Macaw’s Windows, Mantle, Map Frontiers, McJtyLib, Mekanism, Mekanism Additions, Mekanism Generators, Mekanism Tools, Modular Powersuits, Numina, Performant, PneumaticCraft, Polymorph, Progressive Bosses, Quark, Refined Storage, Reliquary, RFTools Builder, RFTools Control, RFTools Utility, Scalable Cat’s Force, Serene Seasons, Supplementaries, Thermal Foundation, Tinker’s Construct, Tool Belt, Trash Cans, Tree Harvester, Woot