[Community] Modded Minecraft: TSA Zodiac

TSA Zodiac - 12 Year Anniversary Server

A big brand new modpack and private server, the release of this server will (roughly) mark the 12 year anniversary of The Sentinel Alliance. This modpack includes some of the big new things built in that we’ve never widely used before, like a texture pack, shaders, and an enviromental sound mod taking advantage of the 1.19 binaural audio feature.

Nevertheless in many ways we will be returning to an old nolstalgic style of server by working together (instead of in seperate bases), not using a shared web dynmap initially to preserve the sense of exploration, and seeing the return of classic mods like the Twilight Forest.

Server release Friday 2nd December - 8PM

Features - Tech

  • Create :gear: - Build intricate systems of cog based automation and take on the challenge of building a custom quarry, now with the latest train update!
  • Immersive Engineering :factory: - Step up to the next level with dieselpunk retro futuristic industrialisation.
  • Industrial Foregoing :battery: - Return back to modern technology in the Minefactory and Industrial Craft style with tech covering every possible part of automation.
  • Mekanism :radioactive: - Advance to the future, building things like fusion reactors, excessive ore processing factories, and power armour.

Features - Magic

  • Ars Nouveau :crystal_ball: - Become immersed in the quintessential magic mod, newly updated and improved.
  • Occultism :smiling_imp: - Stray to the side of magic that wasn’t meant to be explored and risk channelling the power of demons.
  • Reliquary :prayer_beads: - Construct convenient charms and powerful relics in the staple magic mod thats back again.

Features - World

  • Complementary Shaders :sunrise: - For the first time ever in our modpacks experience the world with shaders enabled for all players and by default.
  • Unity Dark Texture Pack :mountain_snow: - Get away from the old dated Minecraft textures with a new greatly improved vanilla+ style texture pack covering every single vanilla texture and many modded ones.
  • Oh The Biomes You’ll Go :earth_africa: - See over 80 grand unforgettable biomes spread across the world including many across the nether and end.
  • Twilight Forest :evergreen_tree: - After more than 5 years jump back into the completely remade strange boss filled forest realm if you dare!

Mod List

There are over 150 mods included in this modpack and more will be added post launch as requested (including eventually the complete Thermal Expansion), for a full list click the text below:

Full Mod List

Rules & Notes

  • Stick together - Unlike previous servers we’re not encouraging people to split up into many individual bases, instead aiming for a small town feeling with everyone fairly close.
  • Work together - The goal of this server is to do more together cooperatively so we can work on grand projects involving all of us! Try to explore new areas and defeat bosses together rather than alone.
  • No quarrying except using Create - As a balancing measure since we’ll be working together early game the only allowed method of quarrying/automining is with complex Create contraptions. Don’t automine with any other mods until allowed.
  • Submit a whitelist request - This step is mainly for inspiration and so we know what to work together on. See more details in the example whitelisting post just below this one.
  • Don’t complete shared goals alone - See the list of shared goals and don’t complete them alone, they’re landmarks intended to be defeated together like the Wall of Flesh in Terraria.

Shared Goals

Goals that must be completed together:

  • First Expedition to the Twilight Forest :evergreen_tree: - Date: 9/10/11 Dec - Goal to have the first expedition to the Twilight Forest dimension.
  • Nuclear Reactor Facility :radioactive: - Date: TDB - Goal to build the first Mekanism nuclear reactor facility together, no other reactors should be built before this.


Install the TSA Zodiac modpack here through the CurseForge client.

Once installed don’t forget to adjust the RAM assigned to the modpack, this is critical as the modpack will either be very slow or not function without the correct values set. To adjust assigned RAM go to the cog at the bottom right of the CurseForge client and look under Game Specific: Minecraft.

Whitelisted Players:

  • SentinelX101
  • JonnyCoad
  • DianiCoad - Reward: 5 diamonds
  • Prudamish - Reward: 2 diamonds
  • JGWakatak - Reward: 1 diamond
  • Kalulab - Reward: 1 raccoon egg
  • Olimander217
  • clebbin
  • XMB
  • Eb_n_jamin
  • H3XY
  • Joedann9
  • c4192857

This server has the [Community] tag, this means that this is a private server intended for known community members. Unfortunately we’re not accepting whitelist applications from new people unless someone else can vouch for you.

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To be whitelisted on the server please read the rules and then submit a whitelist request.

No pressure here, just list your username and say something you’re hoping to do on the server whether it’s a grand goal, an elaborate plan, or something small you’re looking forward to. This step is mainly for inspiration and so we know what to help each other with.

Example Whitelist Request

Username: SentinelX101

Hoping to build a huge shared Refined Storage system as soon as possible so everyone can work together more easily, and looking forward to seeing Little Logistics and Create trains being used everywhere!

Username: JonnyCoad

Looking to #Create an early auto food system as well as quality of life mining assistance systems such as ore conveyors and mine planning. A secondary goal is to teach DianiCoad a little bit more of minecraft.

Username: DianiCoad (the username checks out)!

“I wanna go in the bee house” - a late request for the Bumblezone mod.
“I want some food and stuff so I can try to live, just cause I can’t do it” - requires strong player support
“Mexican hats on the dancing cockroaches” - getting familiar with Alex’s Mobs
“Build a house, want it to look nice” - a foray into interior design systems within the framework of a custom modded minecraft server: A study

Username: Prudamish

Make technology that will contain the SCP realm AKA The Twilight Forest and protect researchers on expeditions into the realm

Maybe make a cool house

Username: JGWacktak or J_Wakatak I can never remember.

Create Goblin with Cartographic intentions

raccoons and cheese :raccoon: :ok_hand:

I think my username is Kalulab? :woman_shrugging:

Username: Olimander217

I will harvest the souls of my enemies through arcane rites, channelling daemonic energies to cover the Earth’s surface in endless horrors, abhorrent to the senses and to logic itself.
Also I’d love to build some trains and experiment with CC Tweaked.

Username: clebbin

Goals: fix my fps to successfully follow other people around

Username: XMB

Do all the boring stuff whilst everyone else has fun

Username: Ihavcheese / kilrgingrninja / benjester

Goal: Hangout, try and do some Ars Noveau probably fail give up and be exploring/helping people.

Hexy’s username is H3XY :woman_shrugging: :ok_hand:

Hey, you’re finally awake! I shall be on tonight if the gods allow!

Username: Joedann9

Aim: to actually finish a building

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Modpack Update - Release 2

Lots of small QoL mods, tweaks, and new building blocks to improve the overall experience.


Cosmetic Armour
Now with the new Cosmetic Armour mod you can wear a seperate set of armour that will be displayed instead of your main armour, or you can hide armour completely.


Extreme sound muffler
The extreme sound muffler mod adds a button in the inventory which can be used to mute or lower the volume of specific sounds:


Additional Lanterns, Additional Lights, Fairy Lights
Many new lights have been added, including amazing string lights from the Fairy Lights mod.

Redstone Pen
The Redstone Pen mod adds an item which can be used to make more compact redstone paths on any surface, as well as a few other things like the Redstone Logic Control cirtcuit which can be programmed with any basic redstone operations.

Framed Blocks
Also calling out a mod which was in the modpack before but hasn’t been used much and is great for builders! The Framed Blocks mod adds several frame blocks of many different shapes which can be textured to look like any other block:



  • Stack Refill, Iron Chests, AppleSkin, Cosmetic Armor Reworked, Refined Storage Addons, Requestify, Extreme sound muffler, Attribute Fix, Overloaded Armor Bar, Redstone Pen, Double Doors, Additional Lanterns, Additional Lights, Fairy Lights, Ding


  • Advanced Peripherals, AmbientSounds 5, Ars Nouveau, Citadel, Crafttweaker, Delightful, Industrial Foregoing, JAOPCA, JEI, Kobolds, Modonomicon, Moonlight Lib, Occultism, PneumaticCraft, Quark, Sophisticated Backpacks, Sophisticated Core, Supplementaries

Username: C4192857

Goal: In a cosmic void of endless suffering where inconsequential actions are defined by the meaingless feats of the few, I take great solace in knowing the irrelevance of our desires:
to find a goal

Dig holes, every hole is a goal my dude