[Community] Modded Zomboid: 2023

An AI interpretation of what our time on this Project Zomboid server might be like, prompt: “survivors failing to fight off a horde of zombies in a town with a wrecked battle bus in the background”

Modded Project Zomboid: 2023

Welcome to the post for our latest new server modded Project Zomboid, we’re returning to this after quite a long time away now that the mods have had enough time to develop on build 41. Here are some of the new features added by the mods currently in the modpack:


  • Dangerous Zombies - The Random Zombies mod allows for randomised percentages of crawlers, shamblers, fast shamblers and sprinters to appear throughout the world, as well as smart zombies able to open unlocked doors, adding additional challenge to every encounter. While the Wandering Zombies mod makes it so no area is totally safe with dynamic roaming hordes everywhere, plus the new WakeThemUp mod means zombies inside buildings will no longer wait until a survivor walks in to hunt them down.

  • A Deadly Armory - To deal with the extra challenge we have an extensive arsenal we’re able to acquire from Brita’s Weapon Pack, Brita’s Armour Pack, and Gunfighter 2.0. These mods together add hundreds of rifles, pistols, bows, tactical melee weapons, explosives, and thousands of attachments to customise each of these.

  • Huge Variety of High Quality Vehicles - If we can’t fight then we can certainly run, or even run down the hordes. KI5’s vehicle collection adds very 34 detailed vehicles. Industrial farming equipment from Agrotsar Farming Company. An aquatic escape from the zombie menace with the Aquatsar Yacht Club. And of course our beloved customisable battle bus from Autotsar Tuning Atelier 2.0. Not to forget the revolutionary invention of Braven’s Bicycles Redux. Plus the Vehicle Repair Overhaul so with the help of a good mechanic we’re able to maintain all of those.

  • Self Sufficiency - Real Metalworking adds smelting with the resources from the Dynamic Mining mod or scavenged resources. Farming has been expanded by the Farming Time, there are more cooking options from Cooking Time, and there are a lot more options for preserving that food with Food Preservation Plus. Anything which can’t be renewably obtained from those mods can be found by the expanded foraging from Foraging Time.

  • Advanced Crafting & Building - The Engineer mod allows almost everything to be disassembled and adds a lot more recipes to reassemble things from those salvaged components. Building Time adds a lot more building involving masonry, carpentry, and metalworking, as well as repairing of existing buildings.

  • A Lot More - With over 100 mods there are also a lot of QOL tweaks and other mods improving most areas of the game. Amongst those is the Lifestyle mod which allows characters to play music (like the campfire music from Stalker and Metro) or increasingly more complex pieces based on their musical skill. And the Basement mod which adds safe buildable basements.

All of the above is subject to change depending on the outcome of beta testing this week.

Server - Out Now!

This server is available now! Please feedback any issues, suggestions, etc. Mods will be auto installed when joining this server.

How to Join:

  1. Launch Project Zomboid
  2. Click on Join from the main menu
  3. Under the Favorite menu enter the following details in the Add to favorites menu on the right:
    • Favorite Name: TSA PZ
    • IP: pz.tsa.zone
    • Port: 19132
    • Server password: TSA security level 2 password
    • Account Username: Your account username
    • Account Password: Any random password
  4. Click SAVE
  5. Select the newly created entry and press JOIN SERVER (it may show that the server is not responding, this can be ignored)
  6. Your client should now start joining and ask you to install all required mods. Once your character is created the screen may show as black for a while as the mods are loading, this is normal.

As with all of our recent servers this server is only avalible to long term community members or anyone they can vouch for.


Server Update 1 - The Croakback Mountain Update

Since we’ve been making great use of the foraging and survival mechanics (since the power went out almost immediately…), this set of updates adds several medium sized mods to further improve that and a few other parts of the game.

Mods Added:

  • Immersive Hunting - Adds dynamic and immersive hunting which allows players to scavenge for traces of animals then track and hunt them down. Foraging and sneaking skills help with tracking while a good hunting rifle plus the gun traits/skills helps with hunting.
  • Herbal Medicine Plus - Allows those with a high medicine skill to craft herbal versions of most medicine with supplies scavenged from the woods.
  • Nearby Traps - Enables traps working even when players are nearby unlike in vanilla which requires players to be 70 tiles away.
  • Entertain Yourself - Adds a variety of entertaining activities to do with random scrap found around the place such as Russian Roulette with a revolver, or bible studies.
  • Water Dispenser - Added back the removable water jugs on all dispensers, this will allow us to have the commune be a proper water supply base!
  • Trees Have Loot - Allows trees to be searched for the chance of additional loot
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