Dean here, I am in fact alive

Hi, so i’m the rampaging maniacal crazy person with a love of explosions, The Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Minecraft. I’m streamer on twitch and i’m also a Cadet Warrant Officer in the A.T.C. I enjoy inspiring fear in both my opponents and allies alike (it keeps them all in check), i’m a fierce warrior and duelist, give me a bow/duel disk/RPG and i’ll make short work of your enemys, for a price. i’m up to play most games, Minecraft, Overwatch, Yu-Gi-Oh, G-mod and Star Wars Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption (mods especially). :slight_smile: I dont bite so feel free to approach me and i’m sure we can make an awesome team of doom and destruction.

Welcome back Dean.

We are happy to see that you are in fact alive. I’m afraid TSA protocol dictates that a person suddenly abesent for more than 216000 seconds must be declared dead so we may have had your funeral without you, sorry about that. The tombstone can at least now be very economically re-purposed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom and destruction are always welcome back in The Sentinel Alliance, we do still need someone to one-up @JonnyCoad’s Minecraft destruction record after all.

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uh, give me 2 stacks of gunpowder and some uranium, i’ll up it tenfold and then some

Well distruction on that level may result in an explosion of the TSA server and/or the entire world.

Now I’m about to have a lovely cup of earl grey tea with some crackers and I’d like to use my veto power to halt destruction of the world for at least 15 minutes.

ok, 15 minutes is up, lets make some doom Kappa


goood day to you ma man! :3

good day to you also sir

Hah, funny one Sammy :wink: