Endless Space 2 - The Splintered Branch

In the Chnygus Sector, The Ronin pushed their hand as he spread the influence of his people to nearby systems, gaining tactical resources as they search for new technology. The Riftborn expansionists quickly made their mark, rapidly colonising nearby systems as the Ronin watched. After meeting with The United Empire the Ronin began working toward war, planning on taking back the systems stolen from the technological Insurgents, using siege fleets led by Guardian Brightblade they began to take back the stolen systems.

Across the Galaxy the a civilization of Sentinels born of bark the Fallen found themselves trapped in their own vines as the ruthless nomad clans of Vaulters trap them, colonizing on a nearby system successfully capturing them. As time went on and resources became scarce war seemed to spark between the two.

The Ronin after completing their grand war fleets began to mobolize, the United Empire joining on the spoils of war as they begin their techno-genocide. After hearing of the atrocities of the Vaulters going on in another arm of the galaxy Guardian Brightblade charts his fleet for Unfallen space in attempt of saving the trapped Sentinels as tensions rise back home in Ronin systems…

TLDR: @JonnyCoad trapped @SentinelX101 in his own systems whilst me and @c4192857 beat the shit out of some Riftbois.

(I’ve saved the single player game so i’ll try to update this as events occur)

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The Ronin Empire. after pushing the Riftborn back into their single system decide to ally with the United Empire to uphold the peace they forged through the fires of war. The United Empire reveals the Cravers; Vicious beasts of war, developed by The Endless now turned to ravage the galaxy. War quickly ignites between the Cravers and the newly formed Pyrran Agressive Defense Treaty. It’s members begin to mobilize to counter their attacks though attention is focused elsewhere in the Tucana Sector.

The Fallen of Pardalis after being trapped by the terrible Vaulters make contact with an unknown race, only addressing themselves as Ronin. They offer aid in the form of trade and technology, giving them access to weapons and materials only heard of from the captured few of the Vaulter scouts that were caught in their vines. The Ronin promise more aid and support in their war against the tyrants holding them.

Shortly after the saviors of the Fallen begin to take apart the external systems possessed by their common enemy, whilst a secret fleet slowly moves through nearby systems, only tracked by the debris found by trading ships as they passed by which pointed to only one system… the Homeworld of the Vaulters Osulo.

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