Eternal Crusade

It has been an age since we all teamed up to take on @XMB and still lose to that daemonic Chaos prince… [rematch some time…?]
But the times have changed… New threats emerge in the forms of the barbaric Orks and mystical Eldar…
Brothers! Too long have we been hiding in the shadows, seeking glory in the halls o’ olde.
I call thee brother, for tonight we are the angels of death, delivering the emperors word – so shall it be done.

Eternal Crusade is a Warhammer 40,00 MMO that currently works off of small skirmish games where you choose your race, loadout and battle the opponent in squads (Yes we can re-enact the devastator squad formation from Exterminatus). In the future the plan is to have it much more open based and more like planet side from what I can see.
The game went free to play 3 days ago, and though has been having some stability issues (They weren’t expecting such a rush) is soon going to be something that I think we should play as a group once more!

@Core Avengers assemble! :smiley:

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And as if by magic, the books to explain the rich history behind everything become available… :wink:

Wonderful set of books there.

Even a few audio books… well ‘audio dramas’ :stuck_out_tongue: