[Finished] Large Civ Game - 23/08/14 - 7.00PM

— Finished —

If you own Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 and it’s expansion packs (most importantly brave new world, that’s on sale now!) please be online for 23/08/14. If we have at least 5-6 people then we will be recording once of our biggest Civ games yet.

Considering that just on my Steam friends list I have over 19 people who own the game Civ, that should be a quite easily attainable target.

[color=#FF0000]If you don’t have Civ you should get it now! The complete pack with over 15 DLC is only £11.54 (67% off).[/color]

Perhaps we should do this tomorrow – 25/08/2014.
But start it at 6:00 in the morning. Early start I grant you, but at least we’ll all be there.