Garry's Mod - Spacebuild

[color=#FF0000]Postponed for now, we will be having this event at some point later[/color]

This event will pit teams against each other in a challenge to create the ultimate space ship. Spaceships will have to be able to complete the following tasks: flight, interstellar travel, item transport, combat, player transport and will be judged on appearance as well as how well they perform the tasks.

[size=x-large]Current Teams:[/size]
The Asstronomers - JonnyCoad, Olimander217 and smidget98 - Jamoo and CaptainAshen

We will be creating these space ships on a heavily modified version of Gmod, list of the main mods we will be using is below. We are also taking recommendations for mods to use in the pack, and are looking especially for spaceship weapon mods.
[]Spacebuild 3 - This is the latest Spacebuild version and allows for the actual creation of space ships in massive solar systems
]Stargate pack - Added mostly for fun during the building of the spaceships this mod also adds powerful weapons and shields for use in spaceships
[]Prop Protection - The server will be protected by several prop protection mods to prevent enemy sabotage or prop spamming
]Wiremod - Probably one of the most popular mods on Gmod and a requirement of spacebuild, it adds wires so you can create some very advanced contraptions
[*]Various improved tools - The server will be running serveral improved versions of tools like duplicate, stacker, remove, fading doors, etc…

[size=x-large]Install Instructions:[/size]
Installation is simple but may take a while depending on download speed.
[]Find the “TSA Gmod Pack” on Steam and click “Subsctibe to all” (
]Make sure that all the required workshop addons from the collection have downloaded and installed
[]Download this file:
]Unzip the file into your Gmod addons directory (make sure this file is there after unzip in the following structure: …\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\cap_fonts\addon.txt)
[]Play Gmod and load up the rp_stargate map then spawn in something from the Stargate and Spacebuild categories to make sure it all worked, this forum is always here if you encounter any problems or need any help.
]Documentation for the Stargate mod can be found here:
[]A basic guide to Spacebuild 3 can be found here:
]Don’t forget to see the “Join in” section of this post for instructions on how to join the main server and the challange.

[size=x-large]Join in:[/size]
Want to join in on the fun? Just post below with your Steam username and an uncanny enthusiasm to join.

C4192857, reporting in!
Looks good!
I do have some questions though…

Will people be working in teams or are people to be totally independent?
As much as the tutorial does seem helpful in making a basic ship, will there be further tutorials for people that still struggle to understand the MOD mechanics?

Ideally we would be in teams but that will probably change based on how many people we get online for the challenge and in relation the the second question we will be likely to stick pretty close together even when in different teams since the above tutorial was pretty much all I could find in terms of learning Spacebuild (other than YouTube videos) so it will probably be a pretty close thing where we all learn from each other. I’ve still got loads to learn myself but Spacebuild is pretty simple once people get the hang of how the systems work together :slight_smile:

Mind if i join ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Lemme join dis prease

cos i always abide by the rules me and ashen are going to submit our team… when we have a team name we will submit that. That is all.

Yours truly,

Overlord Yames

Nukes R Gr8!

i should be made admin because i am not a homosexual

A learner or two to every able minded humanoid in teams, and some beta blockers for Tristan

Idea: For teams, spread inexperienced players with experienced to balance the teams a bit, we don’t want a newbie team, or a OP one, do we?

seriously though i would like admin seeing as i have had expierience with ulx in the past :)))

Team Kieran, Jonny, Oli (recruitment available, need experience). Named: The Asstronomers

OK well that was an interesting session of ‘stress testing’, below is a list of all the feedback we got from the day of testing.
[]Add an admin mod
]Find a better map with more space
[]Add better ship weapons mod
]BAN NUKES cough when we are not ‘stress testing’ cough
[*]Make sure teams are at least partially balanced

The image above is the lua error I receive when I spawn air hydroponics. If anyone has any idea as to what may be causing this, I would gladly accept help.

I might be able to help but I need some more information from you. I have sent you a PM regarding the error, please reply to it.