Gmod dark rp server?

I think there should be a dark rp server?

If it needs people to develop it i could do it with a few others since i know lua very well anyway so it would be easy plus it could make the community more money via ranks in game?


Hey @thegaminggenetix, haven’t seen you in a while. Welcome back :smile_cat:.

I’ve got no idea how popular DarkRP is right now but if you think there would be enough public interest in it then we could certainly give it a try, at least to trial it for a month or so.

I am however extremely busy at the moment so wouldn’t be around to work on the server beyond the initial setup. If you and those you know would be willing to manage a lot of the server then it could definitely go ahead, some other people in the community with DarkRP experience like @Kieran_thebrit might be able to help too.

Are you willing/able to take a project lead/admin role on this?

That offer is also available to anyone else with DarkRP experience/interest who can help.