[Guide] Dawn of War II Retribution: Last Stand: Forgotten Emerald MOD

What is it?

  • Mod for Dawn of War Last Stand (Incl. New Wargear, New Abilities)
  • Characters Redone/balanced (Space Marine, Lord General, Chaos Space Marine, Eldar Seer, Tau Commander)

Where is it?

Brief Guide:

  • Download launcher: Download Dawn of War II Libertas Launcher from SourceForge.net
  • Unzip folder “Libertas” into Steam Dawn of War Retribution
  • Launch Libertas.exe
  • Likely comes up saying it can’t find the DawnOfWar.exe, I’d click yes to the autodetect option that comes up here.
  • Once the launcher has loaded click on the “ForgottenEmerald” tab (This homemade launcher loads the Steam page so takes a few seconds to load)
  • Click “Update”
  • Let it run the update/download, then should then work and be playable.
  • To play the mod you’ll need to run that launcher
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